Our Top 5 Pastel Shades For This Season

Last updated on June 3rd, 2021

There’s a particular ‘oh so comfortable’ factor in pastel shades, that instantly soothes our eyes, relaxes our mind, and rejuvenates our soul. But, if you are still thinking that pastel shades are only suitable for the nursery, then it is time you woke up! Pastel shades have made a major comeback, and how!

Top 5 Pastel Shades to decorate your home with

Today, pastel shades are having their heyday - from living rooms to appliances these soft hues are ruling the decor world. All you need is a couple of contrasting tips and tricks to infuse your home with freshness.. Read on for a breakdown of our most loved pastel shade combinations, and learn how to make each one work in your home.

1. Sunny Yellow

Top 5 Pastel Shades to decorate your home with

Yellow can be touted as the most used pastel hue. This soft shade, when used on furniture like a wing chair pictured above, makes it look almost neutral. It complements the walls with its brilliant shine, however, doesn’t stand out. To give this shade some richness, blend it with antique-gold elements like a vintage mirror, a nightstand and more.

2. Powder Blue

Top 5 Pastel Shades to decorate your home with

A tone on tone approach takes this calming hue onto the next level. For instance, in the above picture, the designer has used a lighter version of blue on the couch and layered it with a darker tone. The white walls keep the room light and breezy, and the dark blue rug helps anchor the living room.

3. Lush Lilac

Top 5 Pastel Shades to decorate your home with

We know that purple might not be the color on your mind for a refined and sophisticated space. However, the room above is a living proof of the sophisticated side of this shade – with the soft lilac wall, paired with the pristine white wardrobe, and the rug in a geometric pattern giving an oomph factor to the room.

4. Pale Peach

Top 5 Pastel Shades to decorate your home with

If you think that this shade can only be used in a nursery, then you are wrong! This utterly delicate and soft hue, when blended strategically, can pull off a bold contrast. The beautiful living room, shown above is brimming with a courageous counterpoint - the yellow side table, and the teal chair break down the sweetness of the pastel shade, making the room appear cheerful!

5. Blush Pink

Pink is no longer a synonym of all things girly! Pair it up with black, gray, brown or gold to make a bold statement. We are totally in love with this chic dining room. The dark- rug and the backdrop make the room look like a million bucks.