Know How to Style the Foot of your Bed!

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

A bedroom isn’t just a place that houses your bed and closets. A well-thought-out décor puts every square inch of the room to good use. And what most of us are unaware of – is the huge storage and styling potential that the foot of the bed holds!

Let’s look at 9 ways to use this undiscovered space to enhance the décor of your bedroom, and increase the storage space available.

1.  Join two stools to spruce up the foot of your bed with! Bet you’d never have thought of this!

2.  You can even use three ottomans at the end of your bed to make yourself a customized bench! And if they have storage, that’s even better. Style and storage at no extra cost or square footage!

3.  A chaise lounge can effortlessly change the look of your bedroom from ordinary to uber-chic! You can even get one of these online these days.

Courtesy: Seven Colonial

4. Or you can choose to keep things simple with an upholstered bench that matches the rest of the decor. Someone did say, if all else fails, keep it simple. Or maybe we just made that up!

Courtesy :Camila Lemos

5. Add style as well as storage to your bedroom with an upholstered storage bench. No more stray pillows or blankets on your bed!

Courtsey: Pier1

6. Let your décor speak of the uniqueness of your taste by choosing a curvy ottoman that also serves as a storage unit.

Courtesy: overstock

7. You might even choose to keep things understated with a tufted bench.

Courtesy: Decoist

8. Or think of placing a cozy love seat at the foot of your bed for a nice sitting arrangement away from the bed.

9.  How about using a bench that doubles up as a bookshelf at the foot of your bed and using it to store all your favorite books for bedtime reading?

Courtesy: The Spruce

Happy decorating, folks!