18 Textured Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom That Will Give You Serious Decor Goals!

Last updated on August 4th, 2021

The best way to revamp your master bedroom without spending a fortune is to focus on one wall (behind the bed) and give it an interesting texture. You could decide to do it using different materials and in a variety of finishes.

Here are 18 ideas that’ll help you decide on what would work for your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and don’t let social distancing get in the way. You can try DIY’ing some of these ideas with some creativity!

1.  A futuristic 3D textured wall drawing the eye towards it naturally!

2.  A concrete feature wall adding solid drama.

3.  A feature wall with uber-chic exposed brickwork.

4. 3D wood panels on the wall creating an interesting décor element and drawing the eye towards it.

5. Marble used in an unlikely place, looking even more exquisite than it usually does!

6. An elegant geometric wooden pattern on the wall sprucing up the décor.

7. A textured gypsum wall and indirect lighting – a match made in heaven!

8. A Honeycomb design achieved using wood, tiles and plaster

9. A wall upholstered in rich velvet standing out splendidly with indirect lighting.

10. A bedroom done up in an old-world style with the feature-wall wallpapered to perfection!

11.  A paint job in a matte finish making quite a statement in this bedroom.

12. Mirrors and wooden panels giving a stylish backdrop to the elegant low bed.

13.  Tessellated wallpaper design giving definition to this all-white bedroom.

14. Molded wall panel adding visual interest to a simple space

15.  A Tufted wall acting as a headboard running all the way to the ceiling.

16.  A stylish Herringbone pattern achieved with wood and tiles.

17. Wooden panels on the feature wall lending a simple elegance to the room.

18. A textured pattern that spans the entire room from the walls, to the flooring all the way to the ceiling, adding a quirky charm to the entire space.