DIY Alert: 8 Innovative Planter Ideas

Last updated on October 3rd, 2019

Like gardening and have some free time on your hands? Then what are you waiting for! Gather a few old things lying around at home and we promise you, you’ll be amazed at how much you’re capable of creating with how little!

Here are 8 crazily unique planter ideas you’ll be wanting to try very soon.  Read on and you’ll see what we mean!


Got an old chopping board or a cheese platter that’s seen better days? Fetch some sturdy rope and DIY these chic hanging planters that’ll spruce up any space they’re hung in! Make sure you balance the plants out so that they stay put and don’t tip over to one side.


Source: LoveItSoMuch

A wooden tray can serve as a beautiful succulent garden. Who needs conversation starters when you have this on your coffee table? Remember not to water them too much!

3. 3

Discarded boots? A worn-out handbag? An old chest of drawers? Plants will spring out of anything. So how creative are you willing to get? Here are a few ideas to get inspiration from!



Got a green thumb? Use it on an old ladder and turn it into a stylish vertical garden!


Courtesy: A1group

Old tires with or without a coat of paint, can make some pretty nifty planters! And their quirkiness will leave you flooded with compliments!


10Source: The Owner-Builder Network

We say pink is the new black.  Just get those old crates out, and get into some old overalls. Time to get your hands dirty!


Source: The Home Design

Handy with a drilling machine and paint? Create framed hanging planters like these. Not a whole lot of effort and totally Pinterest-worthy!


16Source: Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Ever thought you can use an umbrella when it isn’t raining? Try it this way.  You’ll have your guests making a beeline for it when they’re visiting!