DIY Alert: 8 Stunning Newspaper DIY Ideas

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

When it comes to DIY, the newspapers are our all-time favorite prop! They are cheap, easily available, and make for an amazing DIY agent. Additionally, being environment-friendly, newspaper DIYs are perfect for those looking for a sustainable approach towards life.

Most people think of paper mache when it comes to newspaper crafting, however, you can actually make a lot of things from recycled papers. What’s more, you don’t need to be an ace crafter to decorate with newspaper. Any of these DIY’s can be made by an amateur, you simply need to make sense of which venture you need to attempt first. From recycled paper flowers, newspaper lanterns, to recycled envelops and mirror frames, we have curated 9 quick-fix newspaper DIY ideas that will take your crafting game to the next level.


1. Recycled Newspaper Flower Art

DIY Newspaper Flower Art

It is summer vacation time. And what better way to keep your kids busy than making these super-easy newspaper flower DIY. All you need for this project is newspaper, watercolors, dropper bottles, scissors, glue, and construction paper. Now, lay down the newspaper and ask your kid to fill it watercolors with the help of brush. Once, the color is dry, cut out the paper in the shape of a flower and glue the flower cutouts onto the construction paper.

2. Paper Lantern

Paper Lampshade

Spruce up your home with a newspaper lantern like this! The designer has made this beautiful lamp fixture by attaching newspaper strips of various lengths to an old lamp with glue.

3. Recycled Newspaper Pots

DIY Newspaper Pot

Into gardening? Then, this DIY is for you! Make these super-cute recycled paper pots for germinating seeds. Once the seedling is ready to be planted, simply place the entire paper pot into the ground or the planter. Being organic, the newspaper will decompose after some time.

4. Newspaper Envelope

Newspaper envelope

DIY doesn’t get any easier than this! Make this organic paper envelop by just using newspaper, glue, scissors, and craft paper liner.

5. Mirror Frame

DIY newspaper mirror frame

Turn an old piece of mirror into a new one by making a paper frame for it. All you need for this one are old newspaper sheets, cocktail stick, glue, and scissors. Now, paint, roll, and glue up newspaper coils to create this stunning mirror frame.

6. Paper Mache Nesting Bowl

DIY Paper Bowl

Why stick to being ordinary, when you can be a whole lot creative with just newspaper! Make this stunning paper mache nesting bowl by sticking paper pieces to an inflated balloon. Once dry, spray it with gold on the inside and black on the outside. Now, use a white marker to draw floral patterns on it. And you have a beautiful nesting bowl at your disposal. Stow away!

7. Newspaper Wall Art

Newspaper Wall Art Map

A shout out to all the Globetrotters. Here’s something for you: Turn a white wall into a piece of art by making a world map using newspaper and decoupaging it to the wall with the help of glue.

8. Newspaper Basket

Newspaper Basket

This lovely basket was made by using newspaper strips. This simple DIY can also be a cool summer project for your kid.