10 Stunning Ways to Repurpose Your Old Sarees

Last updated on May 18th, 2022

We all have quite a few sarees handed down to us by our moms and grand moms that are too old to use, but too precious to discard. Not just because they are vintage and finely crafted, but because there are emotions attached to them! Here are 10 amazing ways you can make those beautiful relics a part of your home décor!

1. Make Yourself A Colorful, Ethnic Bedcover

Courtesy: Pursuitist

Turn your old sarees into a stylishly ethnic bed cover! If you aren’t great at sewing, ask your local tailor (or mom!) for help.

2. DIY A Canopy Over Your Bed

If you are hoping to give your bedroom a traditional makeover, then this DIY is for you! Give your bedroom a royal touch by turning an old saree into a colorful canopy over your bed!

3. Make Pretty Cushion Covers

Courtesy: womenpla.net

Why buy expensive cushion covers, when you can repurpose old sarees and make them at home? These resplendent-looking cushion covers will instantly brighten up your living room for the festive season.

4. Turn Them Into Stunning Table Covers

Courtesy: Oriental Costumes

If you are looking to buy an ethnic table cover for your get-togethers and parties, then look no farther than your wardrobe! Turn your old saree into an elegant table cover like the one you see here. Seek help with sewing one if you can’t do it yourself!

5. Re-Upholster Old Furniture

Planning to change the upholstery of an old furniture piece? Give it a gorgeous makeover with a saree to add a touch of traditional decor to your home.

6. Make Colorful, Ethnic Curtains

Did you know that sarees make for breathtakingly beautiful curtains? Turn an old saree into a stunning curtain for your home and watch your guests stare in amazement!

7. Get Fancy ‘Potli’ Bags Made

Courtesy: picturexe.pw

Make use of your old zari sarees to create stunning potli bags. You could carry these when you’re dressed up in ethnic clothes or use them to replace ordinary gift bags with.

8. DIY A Bedding Set

Courtesy: museosdemolina.info

Add a pop of color to your bedroom by making a lavish bedding set with old zari sarees to use during festivals and other special occasions! Again, you might need your tailor’s help, if you aren’t handy with a sewing machine.

9. DIY A Few Scarves

Style a few rich-looking scarves out of them.

10. Turn Them Into Wall-Art

Just have them framed with a few of your jewelry pieces or other antique hand-me-downs, for a truly unique wall art idea!