DIY Rope Table Mats!

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

There’s nothing more fun than creating something on your own. And if you are looking to invest some time and energy on some cool DIYs, then we have got the perfect one for you-a DIY rope table mat.

DIY Rope Table Mat

Textured table mats are an excellent way to bring in style and class to your dining table. In the shops, you’ll pay a ton for these pretty table mats. However, did you know that these pricey little table mats are really easy to make? What’s more, you just need to spend a couple of hours to make these pretty table mats! And in today’s blog, we will show you how to make them.

Things You Need:

DIY Rope Table Mat

Some Jute Rope
A Round Cork Sheet
A Glue Gun
A pair of Scissors
A Pencil

How To Make:

DIY Rope Table Mat

Take the round-shaped cork sheet and mark the center with the help of a pencil. Now, make use of the glue gun to start attaching the rope to the base of the cork sheet, forming a coil-like pattern. Continue this process until the rope reaches the end of the base, at that point trim the rope and paste the glue at the end. Once done, let it dry completely. And voila, you have a beautiful DIY rope table mat!