The Top 7 Don’ts For Flawless Home Decor

Last updated on October 12th, 2021

Decorating your home so that it is as per your taste, fits well within your budget, and is lauded by everyone who comes home – is every homeowner’s dream. But not everyone gets it right. The most common reason is not being aware of a few décor mistakes.

To help you design your home without worrying about getting it wrong, here is a list of 7 big décor mistakes to avoid. Better to learn from others’ mistakes than to make your own, right?

1. Starting with paint

When you are planning to remodel your entire home, painting comes to mind first. But you are mistaken there. Starting with paint is not a great idea. If you paint your home before buying furniture and décor, it will limit your furnishing choices because you will have to pick only those that match the wall colors. So it is important to first shop for furniture and furnishings and then choose a matching paint color. Logical right?

2. Not using the measuring tape

Don’t go on a buying spree without measuring your floor space and think it will all fit into your home magically. It is impossible to estimate the space a piece of furniture will take in your home, just by looking at it. You need to measure the space available to you and that of the furniture you are buying. Buy only if it fits the space perfectly. Otherwise, your home will end up looking either too cramped or too empty.

3. Falling for one-stop shopping

You need variety in your home decor, which can be achieved only when you pick décor elements from different places. Buying everything from one store will end up making all your furniture look too matchy-matchy – an absolute no-no in the decor world. Shop for your furniture pieces and décor items from different stores, both online and in-person to give your home a tastefully eclectic touch. And please, don’t try to match your furniture pieces!

4. Using Tubelights

Now, for the most important part of home decor – the lighting. Yes, that’s how important your decision to choose lights is – it will decide if the rest of your efforts in decorating your home pay off – or not!
Having grown up in homes that used tube lights as the main (and sometimes the only) form of lighting in every room, many of us somehow feel that is the best way to light up our interiors. But to be honest, it can’t be farther from the truth.
Now, here’s the real deal. A home needs lighting that is easy on the eyes, illuminates the home in an aesthetically pleasing way, as well as provides ample light for the various tasks that happen inside it. The problem with tube lights is that they throw the same amount of light in all directions making things look bland and lifeless. Your home needs to glow from lights at different heights and with different intensities, depending on the time and the mood.
Choose wisely. Don’t let lighting be an afterthought in your home, like many homeowners, who can’t undo this biggest decor mistake, later.

5. Shying away from trying bold looks

Bold is beautiful. So why are you hesitant to try this style in your home décor? Instead of sticking to the usual pale pinks and blues, try something exciting like dark purple, forest green, or bright yellow for your home décor. Make the colors a part of your wall, wall art, décor pieces, or fabric furnishings, and watch how it drastically changes the entire setup into something interesting. The trick is to add a dash of it with a perfect blend of neutrals to balance the look.

6. Not letting go of age-old stuff

It is always difficult to part ways with something that you are used to seeing in your home, even if it is past its prime now. But reinventing the look of your home interior calls for some hard decisions. Let go of anything that is damaged and does not go with the new look of your interiors that you have in mind. Replace them or leave the space empty for a cleaner look.

7. Not listening to your gut

Your instincts tell you more about what works than what you see other people do with their homes. Always listen to what your gut says when choosing paint colors, furniture, and décor. Take advice from others only when you are confused. If your instinct says ‘this is it’, don’t ask around. Just run with it!

Dream Beautiful, Design Beautiful

Don’t let any doubts stop you from creating the home of your dreams. Take the first step, and the rest will follow. Just visualize it first.

Have a fun time decorating your dream abode!