7 Extraordinary Decor Tips For Indian Homes

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

Beautifully done-up homes don’t just happen by chance. Decorating a home, while extremely individual to every person and varying greatly in content, is mostly about being sensible.

Here are a few ways you can go about decorating yours to perfection.

1. Let Your Walls Speak

It’s time to stop shying away from bold colors in your décor. Shelf the neutrals. Pick reds, purples, and stunning blues for your walls and your décor accents. And welcome your guests with an elegant door knocker and a richly crafted toran on your door.

2. Give Green Some Room

So what if you can’t have a garden? Get your green thumb working indoors. Get indoor plants like succulents, palms, ferns, and peace lilies. And don’t just keep them in your living room. Add some of them to your bedroom, the study, and even the bathrooms. And they will do way more than just beautify your space but will also help keep the air indoors fresh.

3. Let Vibrant Fabrics Take Centerstage

Sprinkle a little bit of India throughout your décor. Use furnishings and upholstery that spell Indian. Chanderi, Ikat, Block-prints, or Leheriya – your options are practically limitless. Use silk to add accents in cushions. Add mirror-work and brocade to the mix. Make use of your old Banarasi sarees for your drapes. Go all out with colorful runners and durries.

4. Let Negative Space Spread Attention

We are all guilty of it. Accumulating gifts that we can’t find any use for, impulse-buys and souvenirs amassed over countless trips. But that doesn’t mean we need to put them all on display in our living room.
Attention-worthy displays are not just about the things that they are made of, but also about the empty spaces you leave between them. (called negative space) Space your décor elements out. Break the monotony of your linear arrangements with plants and books. And vary the themes.

5. Go All Antique

Antique décor elements can add tons of character to a living room. It might be a mirror that you’ve inherited from your grandmother or an ethnic stool that your sister brought back for you from a trip to Rajasthan. You can even create a small vignette of your old brass knick-knacks on a tray and leave it on your coffee table. These worn-looking, understated beauties will add an air of history and sophistication to your décor, speaking volumes about the rich culture of our country.

6. Get Creative With Your Space

Struggling with an oversized furniture piece (a sofa for instance?) that you can’t bring yourself to let go of, is no excuse to cut corners with your décor. You can keep the piece and plan your décor around it. If you can’t fit in a decent-sized coffee table, thanks to your large sofa and a lack of space, invest in nested side tables. Bring them out only when they’re needed.

7. Let There Be Light!

Replace your scented candles and reed diffusers, with vintage lamps and see the difference it makes to the ambiance. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the oil in the diyas for the same effect. You can even use glass lanterns in different colors to give your décor a more Arabic feel. And, last but not the least, invest in a statement chandelier to leave your guests looking up in amazement!

Happy decorating, folks!