14 Upcycled Wooden Crate Furniture Ideas That Can Transform your Home

Used Wooden Crates can be magical! Don’t believe us?

feature 2Courtesy: FAQindecor

Well, be prepared to be stunned when we show you the things you can create with these simple looking wooden crates. Though having been around for decades, and used just for heavy-duty shipping and storage, we have hardly used them to the immense potential they hold! Read on, and we promise you, looking at these amazingly creative ideas, you will never look at wooden crates the same way again!

1. In Kitchen Islands

kitchen island

2. Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furnitureCourtesy: board.com.ua

3. A Crate Bed

pallet bedCourtesy: ArtEco

4. As a Coffee Table

pallet coffee tableCourtesy: divalovapix

5. As a Day Bed

pallet day bedCourtesy: Codia.Org

6. A Dining Table

pallet dining tableCourtesy: Sign your design 

7.  A Stunning Headboard

pallet headboardCourtesy: Hompire

8. A Kitchen Rack

pallet pot rackCourtesy: Home Design

9. A Shoe Rack

pallet shoe rack

10. A Swing Bed

pallet swing bedCourtesy: Lowe Photos

11. A Vertical Garden

pallet vertical garden rackCourtesy: Pallets Designs

12. A Rustic Bar Counter

pallet-bar counterCourtesy: Pallet Wood Projects

13. An Entertainment Unit

TV stand

14. As Wall Art

wall art