Creative Ways To Accentuate With Gold In Home Interiors

Last updated on October 16th, 2023

To give your home a glamorous look, you need to up the ante. Adding elements of gold to your decor is the perfect way to do just that. This will not only allow you to align with the latest design trends, but it will also showcase your sophisticated style. What’s more, you don’t have to scrap your decor to achieve this look.

All you need to do is add interesting gold elements to your space to create a stunning look! Let’s check out some amazing ideas!

The Fairest of Them All

Finding the perfect mirror with a gold frame isn’t that difficult. But before you zero in on the first gold mirror you see, push the envelope and select a mirror that stands out and enhances your decor. Layer this look with other gold artifacts on your walls, adding depth and visual appeal to your space.

Gold Furniture

Incorporating gold furniture into your living space may seem like a bold idea. But hey, we don’t expect you to paint your sofa gold! Instead, try to add gold tables or chairs to complement your existing decor. Another great option is to add bands of gold metal to the legs of your furniture. The contrast of black and gold is exuberance at its best.

Planters in Gold

This one is easy to pull off. Elevate your plant aesthetics with the charm of gold planters. These gems are easy to find and are a perfect contrast to your green foliage. To achieve a perfectly balanced and elegant look, make sure there are other gold accents in the room, such as lamps, artifacts, or a trim of gold on your furniture. Gold photo frames can also bring the look together.

Gold Cushions

The easiest way, by far, to introduce a touch of gold is by adding gold cushions. You can buy what’s on the shelf or get them custom-made if you are particular about style and patterns. And hey, don’t overdo the look with too many gold cushions, as that would overpower the overall aesthetic. Instead, consider incorporating the gorgeous combination of black and gold to elevate the vibe.

Dress Your Walls with Gold

Your walls are a blank canvas, waiting for your inspiration. If you want to go the gold way, try gold plates, fancy artifacts, or a mix of both. Make sure to add a gold light fixture or planter to your setting to balance this beautiful look. Dark wall paint is ideal to bring out the beauty of gold. Your choices? Olive green, black, or navy blue. Grey and moss-green shades can work too.

Light Fixtures

It all depends on how glamorous you want your space to be. For an all-out gold vibe, add golden light fixtures as well. These can be pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, or table lamps. To achieve an avant-garde decor, complement these fixtures with wallpaper adorned with gold patterns. It is important, however, to strike a balance and not go overboard, as too much gold can be a lot to take when you just want to enjoy the evening with the TV remote close at hand. So ensure that your space remains inviting and relaxing amid the fancy touches.

Our Thoughts

It’s not just about adding gold elements to your decor. It’s about how to use it, where to place it, and when to stop. Yes, it’s a hard act to accomplish. But if you follow the tips and the images on this page, you shouldn’t have any problems. And if you feel you can’t wing it, just give us a call or log in to We will guide you through the process.