12 Creative Ways To Expand Your Home Using Mirrors

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

Struggling to make the most of a small living space? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 12 creative ways you can maximize your space using mirrors. Keep reading!

1. Behind a console

If you have a console in the entryway or the foyer, you can position a tall mirror right behind it to make the space appear instantly brighter and bigger.

2. As a bunch

Instead of using one large mirror, an alternative could be grouping and hanging many small mirrors together. Just make sure you paint the frames all in the same color. This will give the wall an organized look, opening up the space at the same time.

3. Tucked behind a sofa

There is usually nothing much that you can do with the space behind the sofa. You can fill up the dead space by tucking a large mirror right behind it. It’ll not just obviate the need for artwork, it’ll make the space appear twice as big.

4. Behind the stove

The area behind the stove is usually quite dark and giving it a mirrored look will not just increase the amount of light you work with, but will also make it a fun place to work in.

5. Displayed like a window

Another great idea is to install a mirror shaped like a huge window and create an illusion of an expansive space and increase the lighting in the space at the same time.

6. As a floor-length mirror

Floor-length mirrors are a fantastic way to make a space appear taller. The long shape takes the eyes upwards making the space appear lighter and larger. These can be placed leaning against a wall or placed behind furniture.

7. As a headboard

You can use a mirror to replace the headboard of your bed and take the illusion of space and light to your bedroom!

8. In your dining room

A trick that many restaurants use, hanging a mirror horizontally in your dining area allows for softer lighting to be used during mealtimes. The mirrors brighten up the space eliminating the need for harsher or brighter lights.

9. As door paneling

Have mirrors cut to fit the dimensions of your doors and double the feeling of space in your home, using mirrors as panels.

10. As cabinet fronts

This is a great idea to double the visible space in your kitchen. Just try using mirrors as panels on your kitchen cabinets. You can use them on all cabinets or vary the scene by using them only on the top shelves or on the bottom shelves alone.

11. As a mirrored wall

You can go big and have an entire wall mirrored. This would work extremely well in a bathroom too.

12. Near a window

Another great idea is to lean a large mirror so that it reflects the window opposite to it, making the space twice as big and twice as bright.

Happy decorating, folks!