17 Creative Themes For Kids Rooms

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Planning interiors for kids’ bedrooms can be super fun and super difficult at the same time! At Homebliss, we understand that and have come up with 17 fun ideas to give your little one a space he can’t get enough of!

1. 3D Wallpaper

1Courtesy: DecorCraze


2. Pink Theme

18Courtesy: secretsofthereef

018Courtesy: home-designing

3. A Tree House

2Courtesy: Geekologie

02Courtesy: Pinterest

4. For the Little Astronaut

16Courtesy: Pinterest

016Courtesy: Pinterest

5. Roughing It Out

015Courtesy: HGTV

15Courtesy: viralnova

6. Twinkling Star

08Courtesy: Pinterest

7. The High Seas

011Courtesy: Oniverse

11Courtesy: Pinterest

8. Teepee Love

04Courtesy: Hello Bowsers

9. Swings And Hammocks

05Courtesy: Home Design Lover

5Courtesy: Pinterest

10. A House Inside A House

06Courtesy: BoredPanda

6Courtesy: Conchita Home

11. Slides

07Courtesy: Schoollockers

7Courtesy: Homedit

12. Toy Theme

10Courtesy: HomePedabbel

010Courtesy: 23emlak

13. For The Love Of Cars

012Courtesy: Nanobuffet

12Courtesy: Pinterest

14. Saying It With Colors

013Courtesy: architectureartdesigns

13Courtesy: Pinterest

15. The Sky As The Ceiling

14Courtesy: Home Navigator

16. Uniquely Designed Bunk Beds

017Courtesy: Decoist

17Courtesy: Homedit

17. An Interesting Reading Nook

019Courtesy: Petit & Small

19Courtesy: Babble

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