Dive into Mermaidcore: Splash Up Your Decor With This Oceanic Style

Last updated on September 28th, 2023

It’s whimsical. It’s fun. And it’s making waves. We are talking about the magical mermaid-core decor. Yes, you heard it correctly.

With Disney’s Little Mermaid creating buzz, it is not surprising that the aqua theme is gaining ground in the world of interior design. Let’s see how you can incorporate this theme into your decor.

Think Texture

The seaside is all about the grainy sand, the smooth pebbles, and the lashing waves. Capturing this in your decor isn’t as difficult as it sounds. However, to take it a step further, think of the iridescent beauty of fish on the sea bed. For texture, you can play with materials such as jute and cotton on your cushions. Use contrasts such as mirror-polished furniture and rough-hewn wooden tables to add dimension. Take it a step further by using glossy textures on your light fixtures. This will pay homage to the beauty of sea life.

Ocean Colors

Over-the-top vibrant shades can overwhelm the look. And yet, a touch of the sea is essential if you want to get the look right. Underwater images of fish, corals, and sea life are inspiration enough if you want to nail your look. Once you have a base of neutral shades in place, play with vibrant accents to bring in the mermaid-core motif.

Let accessories such as straw sun hats, surfboards, knotted nautical ropes, and sea shells dominate your decor. Blue is the color of the ocean. So, if a neutral background doesn’t appeal to you, shades of muted blues work wonderfully too. What’s more, many shades complement the blue tones, so you can go wild with accessorizing.

Go Nautical

Nautical elements are a perfect match for your mermaid-core decor. The mermaid-core theme evokes images of treasure chests, the deep sea, and yes, mermaids! To add a touch of this element, add accessories such as buoys, old chests, lanterns, and shells. If you can get your hands on a rusted anchor or a sailboat replica, even better. However, balance is the key, as you don’t want to overwhelm the vibrancy of the mermaid-core look.

A Dash of Vibrancy

For inspiration, you need to look no further than the ocean floor. However, let’s be realistic here. You will have to depend on the images or a fish tank for this! These colors are undoubtedly Mother Nature at her finest. Play with the colors you see in the images or in your scuba diving adventure snaps. You can’t fail. However, go easy on the bold shades, as you don’t want to overdo the look. Mermaidcore is about lustrous shades and glitter. However, a dash of this or that is all you need for a magnificent style statement.

To work this element into your decor, try the following:

  • Glass accessories in bold colors can add vibrancy.

  • Metal lamps and light fixtures that mimic the glitter of the mermaid’s scales.

  • Gorgeous mirror frames to amp up the look.

Tropical Plants

For a finishing touch to this fabulous decor, what’s better than some tropical plants? Areca palms perfectly mimic the breezy palm trees on the beach. However, hardy plants such as the philodendron will work too. And if you want to carry forward the sand theme, you can try dried plants too. For the planters, metallics are an option for a bit of glitz. Or you can go for bamboo or rattan for a subdued look.

Our Thoughts

This stunning look isn’t difficult to achieve when you get into the swing of things. Remember to go as naturally as possible. Stone and wood are perfect for your flooring. For the rest, the sky is the limit. For more tips on themed decor, visit homebliss.in.