7 Stunningly Modern Diwali Decor Ideas

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

Diwali is almost here! And we are all set to welcome the festival of lights by lighting Diyas, making Rangolis and using copious strings of flowers, giving our home a traditional and festive appearance. But sadly, so is our neighbor. And his neighbor. And much as we may like to deny it, there’s no escaping the fact that we all want our Diwali décor to be special and stand out among all others.

On that note, how about we give you a few pointers to give a modern spin to your traditional Diwali decor?
Wanna try something new this year? Well, read on!

1. Light Colorful Glass Lanterns


Don’t restrict yourself to just Diyas this Diwali. Light up your house with colorful glass lanterns (that you can reuse next year) instead. They don’t just add a touch of class to your interiors with their light filtering into beautiful shadows on your walls, they are also child-friendly, and totally safe around flowing silk dupattas and sarees.

2. DIY Your Own Playing-Card Party Décor

Courtesy: avidvintage

Diwali isn’t just about décor, fire-crackers and food. True playing-card fanatics look forward to this yearly occasion for some friendly gambling among friends and family. If you happen to be hosting such a gathering and take your décor seriously, here’s a trick you’ll find useful. Don’t spend on theme-based crockery. Make your own! Just cut up a deck of playing cards and stick them on your glasses and jugs for a cool themed décor!

3. Dazzle With Embellished Cushion Covers

Courtesy: qqtdd

Add a traditional (and inexpensive) bling to your modern interiors by just swapping your cushion covers with something colorful, embellished and ethnic. This will give your contemporary décor a rich and traditional pop to match the festive spirit of Diwali. You could even save these to bring them out at a future festive event!

4. Spread Fragrance With Potpourri Diyas

Courtesy: architectureideas

Want your house smelling like a million bucks while it sparkles with the dancing lights of all those diyas? You will need bigger diyas for this trick. Just fill them with fragrant potpourri in a color that blends with your décor, and add a tea-light at the end of the diya. There you have it! Pretty and fragrant diyas, lighting up your interiors.

5. Light Unique Wine-Glass Lights

Courtesy: supermyrecipes.info

Bring out all your wine glasses for this unique twist to the traditional diyas that you light every year. Just flip them upside-down, fill the insides of the wine glasses with colorful flowers, and use the bases as a tea-light holders. You can keep a few of them together and you have yourself a beautiful Diwali centerpiece for your table, or spread them around the house as a unique lighting idea.

6. Display Your Traditional Brass Vessels

Courtesy: identitycampaigning.org

How about adding a stylish touch to your Diwali décor this year? This might be the perfect time to dust and polish those hidden old, hand-me-down brass and copper vessels that you’ve kept locked away. Create beautiful vignettes (a name given to beautiful groupings) on your coffee table or side tables and arrange them with fresh flowers in bright hues and watch your neighbors jaws drop!

7. Add A Festive Touch To Your Table Setting this Diwali

Courtesy: aalayaminspiration.blogspot

Diwali brings with it friends and family visiting, joyous unions, happy times and in the middle of it all – lots of great food. How about we help you make those family feasts that you’re planning to host, a feast for the eyes too?
Bring out your most colorful table-runners, place-mats and napkins to set the table with. The more vibrant, the better. This is also the perfect time to use traditional Indian thalis and katoris to serve the mouth-watering delicacies in. And if you’re planning on using glass or porcelain plates, you can decorate them by arranging pretty marigold flowers (genda) around the plates. Don’t forget to complete your table setting with colorful glass lanterns and tea-light holders to give it a festive air!

Happy Diwali everyone!