Tried and Tested: 15 Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks

Last updated on October 24th, 2019

Storage is the one thing in every household that can never be enough. You make space for one thing, and there’s something else needing your creativity and elbow-grease to be put away! And bedrooms, since they aren’t as spacious as living spaces, take the biggest hit. How about we give you a few amazingly clever ways to make the most of the square-footage of your bedroom, while keeping things aesthetically sound? Interested? Read on!

1. Bedroom Storage

bedroom storageIkea

2. Secret Storage

behind bed closetDabcre

3. A Closet Wall

closet wall for small bedroom (1)Rooang

4. Cubbies

1000 ideas about bedroom storage on pinterest bedroom storage with Bedroom Storage The Most Amazing As well as Gorgeous Bedroom Storage For Comfortable - Gallery Home DesignGallery Home Design

5. A Desk As A Bedside Table

desk as bedside tablePinterest

6. A Floating Desk

floating desk (1)Home Chic Book

7. A Hanging Laundry Basket

hang laundry basket (1)

8. A Hanging Bedside Table

hanging bedside table for visual space (1)

9. Hanging Lamps

hanging lamp to save space (1)Stylish Eve

10. Headboard Shelves

headboard shelves (1)The Bedroom Ideas

11. Under the Bed Storage

more storage under bed (1)The Spruce

12. A Murphy Bed

murphy bedYouTube

13. Study Desk At The Foot Of The Bed

study dest as foot table (1)Minimal Desks

14. Under-the-bed Shoe Storage

under bed shoe storage (1)The Spruce

14. A Corner Rack

use more of corner space to store stuffsImmocity Ingatlan