12 Easy DIYs To Keep Your Home Uber-Organized!

Last updated on September 27th, 2021

Organizing can be an overwhelming task! Especially when there are way too many bits and bobs lying loose all over the house. How in the world can someone even begin organizing then? Well, we’re here to help!

DIY Home Organizers

Here are 12 nifty DIYs that are easy to accomplish and quite stunning to look at, that will make your job of organizing your home and keeping it organized – easy as pie! Don’t believe us? Read on and you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement!

1. Paint those wooden crates that have been lying in storage all this while, and hang them on an empty wall, and you have yourself a stunning new space to flaunt your shoes out of!

5Courtesy: Masterchollo

2. Just paint an egg carton and never lose your sewing essentials ever again!

6Courtesy: One Crazy House

3. Just install a couple of magnetic strips and find your knives and scissors lining up neatly, never to be lost again when you need them the most!

8Courtesy: Hip2Save

4. Hang up a peg board on a plain kitchen wall and create a great space to organize all your pots and pans and other kitchen essentials and stylishly so!

10Courtesy: Roomed

5. Paint a few tin cans, line them up together on an old wooden board (also painted if you like) and stick or nail them onto it, and you have a stunning stationary or makeup organizer at your service!

11Courtesy: Upcycled Treasures

6. Have a few tall, orphaned glass tumblers lying around? Well, just find a way to stick them on the wall near your dresser and organize all your makeup essentials for you to be able to find them without having to rummage inside drawers and cupboards.

12Courtesy: Homedit

7.  Color your keys with different colors of nail paint to be able to fish out the right one when you need it!

1Courtesy: Perfeito

8.Keep your toiletry cupboard organized with shelves and hangers (like this) and find what you’ve run out of easily, without having to bring all the contents out!

2Courtesy: Totally Hammered Home

9. Used toilet paper rolls can make amazing cord organizers! Use washi tape to decorate them with for some added fun!

3Courtesy: Our Thrifty Ideas

10. Use a magnetic strip to line up all your spice jars neatly organized and all on display!

4Courtesy: Pinterest

11.  Paint and line an old bookshelf with plastic boxes and sort out all your craft essentials, once and for all!

7Courtesy: Sunny Sideshlee

12. Organize your scarves with just a hanger and some shower hooks, with this cool hack! Wondering why you never thought of it?

9Courtesy: GoPlaceIt