10 Things You Should Remove From Your Living Room Right Now!

Last updated on November 12th, 2021

There are many different kinds of living rooms. Done up in many styles of décor. But there is one common thing that applies to all kinds of décor styles – Nothing in excess and ugly things out of sight!

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Here are 10 things that definitely don’t belong in your living room and might be making it look, far from perfect. Let’s change things a little, shall we?

1. Ugly Wires

1.avoid visible wires

Cables snaking in and out of gadgets haphazardly can make a room look ugly and unkempt. But wires are inevitable. So what can you do about them? Get creative or hide them.

2. Clutter On The Coffee Table

2.clutter on coffee table

A coffee table is a clutter magnet in every home.  Make it a habit to keep clearing it, every time you pass by it.

3. Conversation Stoppers

3.poorly placed seating

The seating in your living room should be such that it encourages easy conversations. Make sure you get rid of everything that hinders them. Keep it warm and inviting!

4. Too Many Lamps

5.too many lamp in living room

Lights help you highlight the aesthetics of a room But too many lights can make the room look cluttered. Time to find people to give them away to!

5. Stacks of Old Newspapers And Magazines

6.remove old news paper and magazine

Get rid of the stacks of old newspapers and magazines lying around in your living room. Don’t wait for cleaning day. Get into a habit of putting them away for recycling the moment you’re done reading them.

6. Extra Furniture

7.Excess furniture

Too much furniture, even if it’s beautiful and elegant, breaks the décor of a space. Keep things light and spacious. Find friends to donate extra furniture to.

7. CDs and DVDs

8.cd and dvd cases

Let’s get real. Noone uses CDs and DVDs anymore. And no, they don’t make for great displays. Trash them.

8. Too Many Décor Elements

9.Avoid excess decoration

There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. You don’t have to put everything beautiful that you own, on display. Rotate your pieces. Keep your décor light on the eyes.

9. Fake Plants

10.Remove fake plants... insted opt for natural ones

In the décor world, fake plants belong only in one place. The trash. Get rid of them.

10. Exercise Equipment

11.remove execise equipment

A living room is no place for exercise equipment. Find a new home for it.

Image Credit: Decoist, The Decorologist, Pinterest, Kaisoca, Artlyz,  Truly Home Redesign, HGTV