5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Modular Kitchen Design

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

Modular kitchens are way better than ordinary kitchens, but only when they’re planned right.
But there are many oversights and design mistakes that end up making modular kitchens function way less optimally than they are supposed to.

Here are 5 of the most common ones, you should avoid making!

1. Poor Lighting

A kitchen needs to have good lighting. Not just for design purposes, but also for safety reasons, since you’ll be handling extremely hot and sharp objects here, on a constant basis. Also, the better the lighting in your kitchen, the more stunning your modular kitchen looks!

2. A Forced Kitchen Island

Surprised to read this? Read on. Kitchen islands look stunning. But to be honest, they are more trouble than they are worth. You should think of installing one only if you have the luxury of a large kitchen. Trying to fit one into your limited kitchen area will only make the space look cluttered, leaving you no elbow room. Keep your kitchen spacious. Ditch the island.

3. Poor Ventilation

Have you ever walked into someone’s home only to smell last night’s dinner still lingering in the air? Unpleasant, right? Especially, if the kitchen opens into the living area.
A well-planned kitchen has windows as well as a chimney to send all the cooking fumes and smoke out and keep the home odor-free. It might be a substantial investment, but is critical nevertheless.

4. Inadequate Storage

Time to stop thinking of storage in the kitchen as a space for the bare essentials. Think of it as an important decluttering element in the kitchen. You don’t need every appliance that you use, sitting permanently on the countertop. Give everything a home, away from the eyes. And don’t forget to put the corners and the space above the refrigerator to good use as well.

5. No Plan For Trash Management

If you’ve taken the trouble of building yourself a modular kitchen, you wouldn’t want to break the décor of the space with an ugly and mismatched trash bin, would you? Not to mention, the sights and smells of an overflowing garbage can!
Remember to incorporate a proper enclosed space in your kitchen for two separate trash bins to manage both wet and dry waste.