Replace Your Packaged Drinks With These Home-Made Ones

The only important detox water rule is to stay hydrated. Regardless of whether you’re attempting to lose some weight, or to flush out the toxins from your body, hydration is the way to make this effective. Begin each morning by drinking two glasses of water to kick start your digestion and preparing your system for the rest of the day!

Having said that, check out the 4 fabulous detox water that will help you get into a better routine and improve metabolism!

1. Mango Ginger Water

This drink tastes amazing! The heavenly combination of mango and ginger-infused drink increases metabolism and is the perfect nectar to start the day! Check out the recipe below:


Ginger: 1 inch, peeled and sliced
Mango: 1 cup


Mix the mango and ginger sliced pieces into 1 liter of drinking water and store it in the refrigerator! And your morning nectar is ready.

2. Lime Cucumber Mint Water

The lime cucumber and mint water is perfect to chill out on a hot day. The slightly bitter taste of the cucumbers goes well with the tart sweetness of the limes, and the mint adds a fresh aroma, giving this water a superb flavor.


Lime: 1 whole lime sliced
Cucumber: sliced
Mint: 5 Leaves


Mix all the ingredients into 1 liter of drinking water and store it in the refrigerator!

3. Lemon Ginger Water

This is one of the detox drinks that people swear by! The unique drink improves your health by cleansing your body and making your feel better. The lemon gives the natural sweetness, and the ginger adds a fresh flavor to the drink. Additionally, ginger aids in fighting nausea, pain, motion sickness, and improves appetite.


Lemon Juice: Use 2 lemons


Mix all the ingredients into water and store it in the fridge for further use.

4. Apple Cinnamon Water

When it comes to detox water, the apple cinnamon water is one of the most popular recipes! The drink tastes amazingly tasty and comes with several health benefits like reducing the risk of developing cancer, heart disease, and hypertension.


Apple: 1 apple thinly sliced (remove the seeds)
Cinnamon: 1 stick (don’t use powder as it clogs the water)


Mix both the ingredients into water and store it for further use!