Things To Keep In Mind When Decorating Your First Home

Last updated on July 26th, 2022

If you’ve recently moved into your first home or are planning to soon, and are wondering how to furnish it on a shoestring budget, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few tips and tricks to decorate your new place with sophistication and style and not necessarily a lot of cash. Read on.

1. Get A Plant

Even if you don’t have a green thumb invest in a couple of hardy plants that will transform your living room instantly, breathing life into the space quite literally.

2. Think Of Secondhand Furniture

Don’t invest too soon in expensive furniture that you’ll need to live with for a long time. Try out inexpensive secondhand pieces at first before you are able to arrive at a decision for a bigger investment that reflects your style.

3. Get A Tray For Your Coffee Table

Give your coffee table an air of sophistication by adding a tray to it. Just fill it with a few books, a pretty set of coasters, and a pretty vase for a totally grown-up and non-dorm look! The tray doesn’t just pretty up your table but also makes entertaining easier when you can quickly move everything aside to set down a drink or two.

4. Invest In Some Pretty Soap Dispensers

Remove dish soaps and hand soaps from their tacky packaging and give your kitchen and bathrooms a touch of class by decanting the soaps into pretty (and not necessarily expensive) dispensers.

5. Get Creative With Paint

Paint can solve a lot of your problems without your having to invest a lot. It can come in really handy if you can’t afford it but would like to spruce up your bedroom with a faux headboard or unify mismatched thrift-store furniture by dipping their legs in a single color.

6. Style Your Bookcase

Keep your books organized in a bookcase for a pulled-together look. Remember to arrange them both horizontally and vertically, adding spaces in the middle for tiny knick-knacks and accessories.

7. Bank On Accent Walls

Just one wall in a nice peppy color can make a whole lot of difference and give the entire room an instant facelift. You can always change the color if you start to feel bored or want to try something new.

8. Invest In Good Lighting

Invest in some chic lighting to give your home a classy feel. You don’t have to buy something expensive for it to look good. You can sift through thrift stores or opt for other pocket-friendly options.

9. Use Curtain Panels

Time to bid goodbye to vertical blinds or any other cheap forms of window treatments and invest in decent curtains. Not only will they give you more privacy, but also add to the décor of your new home.

10. Add A Bar Cart

Give your booze the respect it deserves by investing in a bar cart. You can jazz things up a bit by adding some bar essentials to it and parking it in a corner when you’re not entertaining.

11. Get Plenty Of Throw Pillows

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to add style and color to an old, ugly couch or a boring room with just a few carefully coordinated throw pillows. You could add a few as accents to a room or go all out and mix different ones up for a Bohemian look.

12. Frame Your Art

Adorn the walls of your new home with works of art and posters that are framed. After all, gone are your college days when it was not just okay but cool to stick unframed posters and prints on the walls with tape. No, it doesn’t qualify as a vintage or industrial look. Get those frames!

13. Invest In Matching Glasses And Coffee Mugs

Last but not the least, it’s a good idea to make a fresh start in your new home by investing in some matching mugs and glasses and tossing out your old collection of mismatched ones that you’ve managed to accumulate over the years.