5 Housekeeping Hacks For Times When You Have No Time

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

We’ve all been there. Last minute plans with friends at home that leave you with almost no time to get into deep-cleaning.

For those special but-hurried days, when there’s no time to give the house a thorough cleaning, here are a few quick hacks that will leave your home looking like a million dollars and you, feeling like a star hostess!

1. Take care of the bed

Keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy just in case a guest decides to pop in, looking for the bathroom. And a nicely made bed is all you need for your bedroom to look pulled together. Just put on a nice duvet, get those matching pillowcases out, spray a nice linen freshener and you’re all set. And yes, put away any personal belongings, which you don’t want your guests to see.

2. Clean the high traffic areas

Instead of cleaning up each room, keep your focus on the areas of the house which your guests will most likely see – that is the entryway, living room, kitchen, and the main bathroom. As long as these areas are tidied up, you’re ready to do your entertaining. Don’t forget to close the rooms you don’t think are tidy enough to be seen.

3. Tidy-up only for now

Remember, you don’t have time for deep-cleaning. This means you can’t put away everything in its proper place. Just collect your clutter in a basket and put it out of sight, for the time being, to be sorted out later, when you have time.

4. Clean the key kitchen spots

The kitchen is one of the most likely spaces where guests tend to gather. Just do a quick surface tidying-up to make sure the two key areas – the sink and the countertops are up to sniff, also making sure there are no lingering smells. Don’t even think of sorting out the drawers or the pantry. It’s just not needed at this point.

5. Keep it light

We all make that mistake. Not everything nice needs to be out on display all at once. In fact, keeping way too many things in front of the eyes, no matter how beautiful, only makes a space look cluttered with too much happening. De-clutter your display shelves and keep things light and fresh. Put everything away into storage and rotate your curios and accessories with the seasons.

Happy hosting everyone!