9 Genius & Fun Ways To Organize Kids’ Clothes

Last updated on June 16th, 2022

Children’s clothes can be so small and cute. But their small size and the huge number can make keeping them organized an uphill task!

Here are 9 tried and tested ways to organize your kids’ clothes, and make your life and theirs just a little bit easier.

1. A Kid-friendly laundry basket

Turn picking clothes off the floor, fun!  Get a basketball laundry basket. Or think of any sport or game your child is into.

2. See-through Storage

Get see-through wire baskets to stow away your kid’s clothes. This way, your child will be able to find and keep the clothes easily in place.

3. Divide and Rule

Kids have a whole lot of clothes. Keeping them sorted as per their type is a great way to keep them organized. Divide even the hangers for ease of use.

4. Out-of-Sight Storage

Store all the seasonal garments like raincoats, boots, winter garments in storage bins and put them away under the bed.

5.  Labels for ease

Stick-on decals are a great way to give visual cues to kids, especially toddlers who haven’t aced their letters yet. Look for removable decals so you can take them off when necessary.

6. Hooks to make life easier

Mornings are rushed in almost every household. Make things easy by installing hooks in your child’s room and having them pick out their morning’s clothes the night before.

7. Let them have fun planning out the week

Let your little ones plan their clothes for the whole week and have them organize them and hang them off hooks in see-through garment bags. This gives them a sense of control and a lesson on being organized.

8. Separators for tidy drawers

Place dividers in their drawers to keep things sorted.

9. Easy access with curtains

Doors can be hard to open and close for tiny hands.  To make everything easier to access, consider replacing your little ones’ closet door with a colorful curtain.

Happy organizing, peeps!