7 Ways You Can Add Benches In Your Home Design

Last updated on May 27th, 2022

Are you looking to add an interesting piece of furniture to your home that can give it a certain appeal? Well, a bench (yes, the humble old bench) might be your answer! Benches are simple seating units that can make for great accent pieces when used the right way. Available in tons of designs, styles, and materials, they have the potential to make a setting stand out.

Here are 7 fun and functional ways to make these unsung heroes a part of your décor!

1. Welcome Some Style In The Entryway

Courtesy: aridaz

A place to sit in the entryway is very important functionally – to remove and wear your shoes comfortably. Why not make it a chic design feature, by adding a bench and a few throw pillows?

2. Divide Your Space Elegantly

Courtesy: coolhousez.net

Have an open floor plan and want to separate your living and dining areas? Use a bench as a divider. It’ll not just create a separation between spaces, but will also serve as an unexpected design element, and of course, add seating!

3. Get Some Serious Seating At Your Home Office

Courtesy: chinese.fansshare

Need more seating space for your home office? Forget chairs. Get quirky and get a bench instead. Functional, inexpensive, and oh-so-cool!

4. Style A Coffee Table


Planning to change your coffee table? Get a bench without armrests or back support instead. It can be styled as a coffee table when required, and will double-up as a seating arrangement when not in use as a table. Think futuristic. Think multifunctional furniture!

5. Welcome Extra Seating At Your Dining Table

Courtesy: thejoinery

You need to get on this trend bandwagon already! Gone are dining tables with way too many chairs hogging precious floor space. Just keep 2-3 chairs and opt for a bench in the same style and finish as your dining table. It’ll give your table a refreshingly new feel and leave enough breathing space around it.

6. Bench Those Towels


If you have a decent-sized bathroom, incorporating a storage bench against one of its empty walls can be a great idea. It can give you a place to keep your change of clothes on while showering, give you plenty of storage space for your toiletries and towels, and help keep your countertop totally uncluttered. What do you think?

7. Dress Up The Foot Of Your Bed

Not sure about whether you need a furniture piece at the foot of your bed? Well, if you leave the spot bare, you’re missing out on a serious style and storage opportunity. Just place a storage bench, and you have yourself a cozy seating (other than the bed), and a place to stow away your spare blankets and pillows. Get a colorful one, and you’ve managed to add a beautiful accent piece in the room. That’s one stone and three birds!

Have fun decorating, folks!