6 Insanely Clever Small Space Hacks Our Experts Swear by!

Last updated on December 16th, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, having a small living space can have its own advantages! If decorated right, it means having to live with less clutter. It also means less energy consumption. All it needs are a few smart tips and tricks to have it functioning as smoothly as a large apartment. Don’t believe us? Well, let us show you 6 smart ideas that will let you live big in your small apartment!

1. Put the space behind cabinet shutters to good use by storing all the kitchen bits and bobs. All you need are mesh or wire racks installed behind the doors.

2. Kitchen Storage: How about using a hanging rack over the fridge and using a space that you would have never thought of using to store your kitchen essentials? What is also a great idea is a pull-down trash can, well-hidden inside the cabinet under the sink,  that can keep smells and fruit flies at bay and save precious floor space!

3.  Small kitchens need rods like a garden needs rain! Just attach them to the wall, hang things and free up your countertop space.

4. Use your vertical space by using floating shelves to store your essentials. Who needs countertop space when you have tons of wall space all around you!

5.  Running out of kitchen shelf space? Keep all your spices organized with magnetic spice jars. They’re a sheer genius! With everything clearly laid out in front of your eyes, you’ll never have to hunt for the one spice that you need and can’t find anywhere. Plus, keeping your spices on the wall will free up considerable shelf space that you can use to keep other things handy.

6. Double-duty furniture can be such a blessing when you have a small amount of square footage to work with.  Invest in storage heavy furniture pieces to save space, create storage and make your money and furniture work harder!

Let’s make our homes uber-smart, storage-wise!