6 Things You Can Do At Home, Now That You’re Stuck Indoors

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

With offices, schools and malls closing and most events canceled, many of us are forced to stay indoors and wait things out at home, until things improve.

Here are 6 ways to make the most of this time and give yourself some time-off from the panic and rumors doing the rounds. Read on and start planning!


Courtesy: unsplash.com

Humans crave change and moving furniture around and trying to change the existing setting can be amazingly fun and refreshing. And the best thing is, you can try it for a few days, and move it all back again if you don’t like it, be it a change in your display, furniture layout or the pictures on the walls. You can even look up ideas online and try and implement them in your home. And don’t forget to involve the others at home!

2. Feng Shui Your Home

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Use this time to learn the art of Fen Shui – the study of how the energy in our environment affects us and how the placement and position of things in our home can change the energies inside it. It isn’t just easy to learn and apply, but also beneficial for our well-being. Can’t think of a better use of spare time!

3. Finish A Home Improvement Project

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From tightening the screws on a loose cabinet door, to giving a sad piece of furniture a nice, refreshing color, you can pick any project and go to town with it! We guarantee that at the end of it, not only will you be feeling like a million dollars, your home will be looking like it too!

4. Organize Something Messy

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Organizing something gives such pure satisfaction (after it’s done!) that it can end up being a very rewarding task. And now that you have time on your hands, you don’t need to be rushed about it. Think of a space that you’ve been wanting to organize for a while now, like the junk drawer (that every household has), your books, or the store room. You could even organize your make-up supplies and throw away expired products.

5. Make Something Awesome

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Nothing like the feeling of creating something beautiful with your hands. And crafts can be a super fun way of getting your kids involved in something productive as well, now that their exams stand cancelled. Just bring down your long-forgotten craft supplies, google something that interests you, and get crafting!

6. Get Scrapbooking

Courtesy: pexels.com

Even if you’ve never tried scrapbooking before, don’t let that stop you. Make a book of your kids’ arts or your accomplishments, a family vacation, or memories with friends or family put together. And needless to say, there are tons of ideas online, waiting to be tried!
Try these ideas, and in the meantime, we’ll begin looking for more ways to help you stay sane at home, and have fun while doing it!