Your Guide to Moving Out of a Rental House

Last updated on February 11th, 2022

Your Guide to Moving Out of a Rental House

Let’s be honest, shifting house can be quite stressful. There are so many things to take care of – from shortlisting movers and packers to clearing all the dues and finishing the paperwork – no wonder most of us almost get a panic attack right before the day of shifting. But not anymore! Here’s your complete guide to moving out of a rental house. So, keep calm and read on for a stress-free moving-out experience.

1. Sort and Purge all your Belongings

You know that D-day is right around the corner. But, before you delve into the actual packing, walk through each room of your home and sort out what you need to keep and what you can dispose of. Also, consider whether any items might need special packaging or an additional protective layer.

2. Keep All your Valuables in a Separate Bag

Now that you have purged and sorted all your belongings, it’s time to pack your valuables separately. Keep a bag aside to store all your valuables like jewelry and important documents, that you will need to personally transport to your new abode.

3. Review your Rental Agreement Once Again

Shifting to a new house can be overwhelming enough to make you forget about important things like the rental agreement. Review your rental agreement properly before vacating the house, check the terms and conditions agreed upon, at the beginning of the term. Know your commitments in terms of the notice period to be served, deductions to be made from the security deposit, and the expected state of the house once you move out. Failing to meet these conditions could end up with you paying a penalty. So, it is always better to review the rental agreement once again and be on the safe side.

4. Get your Finances in Order

Shifting house involves a lot of expenses. So, it is always better to plan out your finances accordingly so that you don’t need to go through any last-minute glitches.

5. Maintain a cordial relationship with your Landlord

Maintaining a decent relationship with your homeowner can help you in tackling several issues. For example, if you need to end your rental tenure sooner than the due date, having a good relationship with your landlord may prove to be useful.

6. Shortlist Movers & Packers

When finalizing the moving and packing company that you will use, ensure that you read the customer reviews carefully. After all, there could be precious and fragile items that you don’t want to get any damage in transit.

7. Change Your Address

Once you have moved into your new place, ensure to update your address so that all your bills and subscriptions don’t end up in your old place.

Here’s wishing you happy and hassle-free moving, folks!