7 Clever Hacks To Make Your Small Living Room Appear Big

Last updated on November 15th, 2021

Your living room is the first thing your guests see when they’re visiting. Which is the reason it isn’t a surprise, that you would want to make it look nothing short of fantastic.

But what does one do if the living room seems to be smaller than what’s desirable? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let your small living room cramp your style. Here are 7 clever tricks to make your living room appear way bigger than it is!

1. Choose Lightweight Furniture

Opt for furniture that is visually light, in size, color, and design as heavier furniture will constrict the space. Also, go for furniture without arms. You can even think of doing away with a big couch and investing in a loveseat or cozy chairs to sit around the coffee table. And when choosing a coffee table, opt for glass, rather than wood, as glass takes up less visual space.

2. Use The Space Behind The Sofa

Another clever hack is to utilize the space behind your sofa or loveseat by placing shelves or a bookcase. This gives you extra storage adding an element of visual interest at the same time.

3. Let There Be White!

White walls are your best friends! Keep the setting totally neutral by opting for pale furniture and accessories. The white walls and pale furniture will make the space instantly brighter and larger. You can add colors and textures as accents to add some drama to the setting.

4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors do a great job of expanding cramped spaces and making them appear way larger than they are. You can use many clever ways of positioning the mirror to make the most of the space and light that you have in your living room. Placing it to reflect a window or a light source can double the space and the light that washes over the room.

5. Add Some Pretty Greens

Nothing beautifies a room like a little bit of nature. You can opt for leafy plants like ferns or spider plants or go for perennially blooming plants like daffodils or tulips. They won’t just leave your living room looking pretty, but will also purify the air you breathe.

6. Draw Attention To Heights

You can decorate your living room in such a way that it draws the eye upwards. By getting floor-to-ceiling drapes, for instance.

7. Use Neutral Colors Everywhere

Give the setting a neutral color, if you want it to appear spacious and roomy. This means choosing a neutral palette for your walls, ceiling, furniture, and other accessories. Lighter shades will expand the space and give an appearance of pushing back the walls. Opting for softer hues will create an expansive and calming environment.