7 Reasons Why You Should Have Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

For many years now, the use of open shelving in the kitchen has been the most trending style to increase storage in the kitchen. Open shelving is quite modern and enables you to display delicate bone china, artifacts, and more. While many might not agree with this storage system (considering you need to keep the shelves neat and tidy, always), it is a great way to inject some freshness into a stuffy kitchen.

Open Shelving not only provides you with a cabinet-free look but also keeps your kitchen light and breezy. So, if you are planning to give a modern vibe to your kitchen, then open shelving is the way to go. Here are 8 key advantages of using open shelving in the kitchen. Take a look.

1. Gives A Feeling Of Space

Advantages of having open shelving in kitchen

The biggest advantage of having an open shelving system is ‘space’. Open shelves help in creating the illusion of space while providing you ample space to store all your kitchen essentials.

2. Makes For Good Display

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

If you are one of those who love to collect vintage and delicate crockery, then open shelving is an excellent choice for you. Open shelving helps you flaunt your most loved pieces in an extraordinary way.

3. It’s Easy On Your Pocket

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

If you are looking for a budget-friendly storage system, then open shelving is best for you! You can pick the best shapes, styles, and materials, and will still end up saving more than if you were to use other storage options, such as cabinets.

4. Offers Optimum Functionality

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

There’s no other storage system as flexible as open shelves. It makes your daily chores a breezy affair. Imagine not having to open or close the cabinet door every time you need a particular spice for cooking!

5. Fits in All Odd Spaces

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

One of the advantages of having open shelving in your kitchen is that you can add storage on all the tricky and odd spaces. So, if you have one of those corners that are too tricky to add storage, open shelving is your solution!

6. Simple to Access

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

Open shelving is one of the simplest and easiest storage designs. It offers extreme comfort and everything is within your reach. So, you don’t need to worry about searching every nook and cranny to find an item that you are looking for.

7. Easy to Maintain

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

Open shelves don’t require much maintenance, as compared to other conventional storage systems. All you need to do is simply clean them occasionally, and they’re as good as new.

Bonus: In case you are not sure about how open shelving will work in your kitchen, but would still like to try it out, you can mix both open shelving and closed cabinetry. This blend will give you storage flexibility while you enjoy the advantages of both design ideas!

Advantages of Open Shelving in Kitchen

Happy decorating, folks!