8 Unexpected Household Uses of Beer

Last updated on April 22nd, 2021

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer

Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. But, if you thought that beer was meant just for drinking, you couldn’t be more wrong. Beer is way more than just an alcoholic beverage – it calms your nerves, fuels conversations, and can cool the burn of spicy food. And as it turns out, beer is also one of the most overlooked DIY ingredients for several household conundrums! From adding shine to wooden pieces to cleaning stubborn fabric stains, here are 8 unexpected ways to put beer to good use.

1. Polish wooden furniture

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - polish wooden furniture

Have some half-empty beer cans from last night’s party? Well, don’t throw them away. Instead, use the flat beer to clean hardwood surfaces. Slightly wet a soft, clean cloth with beer and use it to clean wooden furniture around the house. Finish it off by drying it with a clean fabric. The flat beer will help restore the original polish and color of the furniture piece.

2. Fertilize plants

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - fertilize plants

It may sound bizarre, but your plants love drinking beer too! It is because the beer’s fermented yeast acts as a source of carbohydrate for the microbes present in the soil. These microbes transform matter into nutrients for the plants. The fermented sugar in the beer also helps kill fungus, keeping your plants healthy. As for indoor plants, go light on beer, as they are confined and the beer can’t escape the soil easily.

3. Clean fine jewelry pieces

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - Clean fine jewelry pieces

Just like clothes, our jewelry also gets dirty and collects dead skin cells from our body. To clean, drop your jewelry into a bowl of beer and let it sit for some time. Now, use a fresh cloth to wipe it clean and enjoy its fresh new sheen!

4. Fend off bugs

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - Fend off bugs

Planning for an outdoor party, but worried about bugs? Just pour some flat beer into a couple of shallow dishes and set them on the perimeter of your balcony. The sugar in the beer will make sure that all insects stay near the dishes you’ve set out, and won’t go anywhere near your guests!

5. Expel rust

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - Expel rust

In case rust has got a screw stuck, try soaking it with fresh beer. The carbonation in the beer will break the rust down, allowing the screw to loosen up.

6. Remove stains

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - Remove stains

Rather than using a store-bought cleaner when you’ve spilled coffee or tea on your dress or the rug, pour some beer on the stain. Give it a chance to sit for some time, then dab with a clean cloth. Wash thoroughly with soap and water, and watch the stain disappear!

7. Soothe sore feet

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - Soothe sore feet

Have sore feet? Then try this at-home foot spa using beer! Mix 2-3 bottles of room temperature beer and 1 liter of white vinegar into a bucket. Now, place your feet in the bucket, and rest for 30 mins. Once done, remove your feet from the bucket and dry them off using a towel. And, voila! Soft and supple feet!

8. Condition your hair

Unexpected Household Uses of Beer - Condition your hair

Bad hair day? Fret not! Condition your hair with flat beer to add shine and volume. However, ensure you rinse your hair properly, if you don’t want the smell following you around!