7 Storage Lessons To Steal From Small Houses

Last updated on November 30th, 2021

Whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling villa, these storage ideas are bound to make you go ‘wow!’ Have a look and be prepared to get floored!

1. Think Vertical

Many home experts believe that going vertical is the key to a decluttered home! Think about the tiny space behind the furniture, empty corners, the empty space above the door, the empty space below the staircase – all of these spaces can be the next storage hub of your home.

2. Slat-Wall Shelving

In need of a storage unit? Use Slat wall panels to build shelves on your walls! These super-flexible shelves are heavy on storage duty and also add to the charm of the space.

3. Under-the-Floor Storage

If you have exhausted all the storage space in your house, then building an under-the-floor storage unit is a great idea! Wondering why you never thought of this before?

4. Under-the-Stair Storage

When it comes to storage, the staircases are our favorite! Build storage units underneath stairs to stow away shoes, extra linens, and basically anything else! This will not only help declutter, but also increase the existing storage of your home, without taking up any extra storage space anywhere.

5.  Hide The Bed In Style

Without a doubt, Murphy beds are perfect for small homes since they free-up floor space. However, here’s another arrangement that you may find worth giving a shot to. Underneath the 5-foot-by-7-foot office space (in the photograph above), is a storage space for a full-sized bed. And quite amazingly so, the bed effectively sits in place using locking casters.

6. Clever Built-Ins

When struggling with storage space, clever built-ins can be lifesavers! Built-ins are an incredible way to make the most of available space, without unwieldy furniture blocking floor space.

7. Multipurpose Furniture

Falling short on space? Multipurpose furniture is here to take away all your storage woes! Whether you’re short on storage or moving space, double-duty furniture is your solution.

Beautiful and well-organized homes can be an absolute pleasure to live in. We hope you found some take-aways in this quick read to make yours one!