Bent-No-More: Here’s How You Can Flatten Your Rugs

Last updated on August 2nd, 2022

What is the finishing piece of the puzzle that makes your space look put together and complete? It’s rugs! Carpets and rugs instantly make your home feel warm and welcoming and add a nice pop of color to brighten your space. However, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Even if you find the perfect rug that’s made especially for your space, it is usually delivered in a tight roll covered in multiple layers of packaging to prevent it from damaging. This is also probably when you move to a new place and must transport all your furniture.

A rug tied or rolled up will not lay out flat even when rolled out. It might be twisted or bent in places and will most probably have curled-up corners! But worry not; these are minor housekeeping issues that can be solved with a few easy-to-use home remedies. Read on to know how you can flatten your rugs!

Give it some time

The first and the most obvious step is to unroll your rug and give it a few days. Rugs are usually heavy because of their dense fabric and eventually tend to settle down because of their own weight. This might be a slower process as compared to the other tips, but this is the most natural way to flatten your rug. Once it settles, it will retain its shape for a long period of time.

Using heat

Using heat and removing humidity from a rug can help to flatten it out into its proper shape. There are multiple ways to do this:

Let it get some sun: Firstly, let the rug get plenty of sunlight. Lay out your rug on your balcony or patio on a dry, sunny afternoon. Let it soak in the sun. This will help in smoothing out any wrinkles or creases that might be causing it to bend.

Steam it or iron it lightly: The way we use it to get out the wrinkles from our clothes, steaming or ironing can also be done for a rug. The steam and the heat of the iron help to flatten out any creases and knots in the rug. Ensure you use your iron in a low-heat setting to avoid any damage.

Use a hair dryer: If you’re concerned about heat damage due to the iron, you can opt for a hair dryer. Hold the dryer a few inches away from the rug and dry the back side to remove any wrinkles. This will ensure that no rug fibers melt due to the heat.

Use different stretching techniques

An alternative route is to stretch the rug in a few different ways to help it lay flat. Here are a few ways to try out:

Stretch it slightly: You can unroll the carpet and hold it taut on all four corners. Then gently stretch it so that all the creases are pulled and released. Make sure to do this gently, so you don’t create any fiber partitions in your rug.

Flip it over: Clean your floor surface and lay the rug upside down. The up-curled edges will now be facing down and eventually lay flat under their weight. Once it is done, flip it right back, and you’ve got yourself a flat rug!

Back-roll it: This might be possible with lightweight rugs. Roll them back to even out the curled part. Doing this a couple of times will restore the rug’s flatness and prevent it from twisting.

Tape it down

If none of the above tips come in handy for your troublesome rug, then you can do a simple DIY and tape it down. Use double-sided tape on all four corners of the rug and lay it flat. Smoothen it out and firmly press the edges so that the rug sticks to the floor.

Using these tips in combination will speed up the process of flattening your rug. A well-laid-out rug can add so much more to the aesthetics of your space and make it look polished!

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