4 Reasons Why You Should Start Layering Your Rugs

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Rugs are quite an important design element and set the tone of a space. But choosing one that works for your home isn’t an easy decision to make, what with the myriad (and exhausting) options available, right from neutral, colorful, patterned, geometric to Persian, Moroccan, sisal, jute, and so on.

And what if we were to tell you that the latest trend is using two (or more) rugs together!

But it isn’t really as tough as it sounds. Layering rugs is hugely popular for a few very good reasons, primarily because it helps you solve a number of decorating challenges, all at once.
Here are 4 reasons which we believe, will convince you to embrace this latest decorating trend!

1. To Define A Space

If your living room is rather large, making your furniture arrangement look a bit scattered or too spaced out, layering rugs can be your solution. Layering a smaller rug in the center of the room can help you tie the furniture pieces together giving them definition and help you ground the space.

2. To Add Color To A Setting

Layering rugs can help you add color to a space. Especially if you find the entire floor covered in a colored carpet a tad overwhelming. Layering enables you to use a neutral rug as a base with a smaller rug on top adding the desired pop of color. You can even layer a colored rug on top of another colored one. The trick is to use colors that complement each other and the rest of the room.

3. To Draw Attention Towards Or Away From A Space

If you want to draw attention to a specific area like a bench, or a coffee table, or something else that you plan to highlight in a setting, layering a small rug on top of a larger one can help you do just that. You can also draw the eye away from a particular spot that you don’t want to stand out, by using a small, attractive rug in another part of the room, away from the spot.

4. To Add Texture

If you want to add rich texture and depth to a room without letting it get too overpowering, try layering rugs with different textures, one on top of another. You can try layering a Moroccan rug over a jute one, for example, or a faux fur rug on a sisal one. In fact, anything soft over a flat weave. It wouldn’t just add a very different textural element to the setting but would also make the setting way more visually appealing.

Here’s wishing you all splendidly layered rugs in your home!