Carpet Cleaning 101: Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Rugs And Carpets

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important yet often ignored aspects of keeping your home clean. The amount of dust that enters our home every day is simply astonishing, especially if you stay in a city.

You might vacuum your carpet and rugs often, but that alone is not enough to keep your carpet clean. If you wish to extend the life of your rugs and carpets, deep cleaning them a few times a year is a must. It helps if you know the material that your carpet is made of.

Do look at the carpet tags – the fabric composition and care instructions are likely going to be given there. Knowing what material you’re dealing with, helps immensely with how you’ll go about cleaning it. Just follow these simple carpet cleaning tips that we are going to share with you, you can keep your rugs and carpets clean without having to seek the help of professionals.

3 Steps to Cleaner Carpets

1. Move clutter and furniture off it

The first step towards cleaning your rugs and carpets is clearing the clutter on them. Especially if you have kids or pets in your home, toys and things that don’t belong on the carpet could be left on it. Picking these things up and putting them back where they belong is very important. You should also try and move all furniture off the carpet before you begin cleaning it.

2. Tackle tough stains first

Do you remember that one party where you spilled ketchup on your carpet and thought you would just wipe it off the next day? Well, you did not clean it soon enough, and now you are left with a stain on your carpet. That’s how life happens and the spots and stains on your carpets keep mounting. While deep cleaning all your rugs and carpets, it is best to first deal with these stains first. You can use carpet cleaning shampoos for this purpose. If you do not have one of those, you can simply make your carpet cleaning solution by mixing vinegar, water, and baking soda. Use a sponge to clean the desired area and wait until it dries before proceeding.

3. Vacuum

Vacuuming is a great way to remove dust and dirt particles from your rugs. Although vacuuming in itself cannot completely clean your carpets, it is still very effective. Once you have cleared all the clutter from your carpet and deep cleaned the stains, run your vacuum over it thoroughly. Make sure you cover the entire area as even one missed spot could affect the final results. Here are a few other handy tips to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean:

–Use lint rollers on them

How can lint rollers help in keeping my carpet clean, you might ask? No matter how much you vacuum, there is always going to be lint, dander, and hair left behind. Using a lint roller every now and then on the problematic areas of your carpet is highly recommended. It is not time-consuming and is a relatively cheap way to clean your carpet.

–Use DIY cleaning solutions for spills

Many problems have easy home remedies. For example, baking soda is great for absorbing smells. Cover the smelly patch on your carpet completely with baking soda for 2 hours and then vacuum it off. To strengthen the odor-removal effect, spray the stained area with 1:1 vinegar and water solution. If the carpet is stained with something water-soluble (such as freshly-spilled coffee), dab the stain with a fabric detergent and scrub until the stain is gone. Then dip a rag with water and dab the detergent away. Wax and chewing gum can be frozen off the carpet with an ice pack. Window cleaners are also great to get off greasy stains.

Cleaning the carpets and rugs of your home might sound like an uphill task. But we do hope these tips and tricks help make that tedious task relatively easier!

Here’s to spotlessly clean carpets in beautiful homes!