Bug Woes Begone: Dealing With Home Intruders

Last updated on October 17th, 2023

When cockroaches and spiders move into bags and baggage, you know you have a problem on your hands. Sadly, the bugs have not read your ownership agreement, and evacuating them from the premises isn’t for the faint-hearted. What’s more, screaming or climbing on the dining table doesn’t help matters.

Your bugs need to know who the boss is. So, how do you get rid of these squatters without going into overdrive? Let’s find out.

When Ants Come Marching in

Ants appear when least expected. They crawl into the sugar bins, circle the spills, and, in short, have a ball in your kitchen. The only thing missing is some music. So, how do you tackle these pesky invaders? Ants are sensitive to odors. How do you think they know where the sugar is? That said, you can use this to your advantage by using smells they can’t stand. Vinegar, spices, black pepper, or turmeric are some of the substances that can work. Once they have packed their bags and disappeared, make sure to wipe off the counter with soap and water to get rid of their scent. Or they will march back in.

A Cockroach Scourge

Cockroaches reproduce at a fast rate, and if you don’t nip the problem in the bud, you will have permanent guests in your house. Worst of all, they don’t even pay the rent!

The best way to tackle the problem is by keeping your kitchen clean and the garbage situation under control. Sprinkle boric powder and sugar solutions in places where roaches are found. Neem or peppermint oil are great remedies too. Spraying pesticides in the drains will stop them from entering your home.

Lizard Menace

Lizards are as creepy as cockroaches, and there is always a fear of them dropping into the cooking pot. While they are the best pest control agents for dealing with spiders, flies, and mosquitoes, we would prefer they do their hunting elsewhere. To discourage them, eggshells are said to keep them at bay. Garlic pods placed in corners will ward them off too. However, once you tackle the spiders and the mosquitoes, you will cut off their food supply. Hopefully.

Termite Invasion

Termites can chew up your furniture and the internal structure of your home before you know it. What’s more, there are chances you won’t see them before it’s too late. Termites are not to be taken lightly, and home remedies can do only so much. Call in the professionals as soon as you notice their activity on your premises.

What to Do to Keep Your Home Pest-free

Overall, hygienic practices will keep your home pest-free. Here are some tips on warding off these unwanted guests:

  • Keep garbage covered. Dispose of kitchen peels and leftovers every day.

  • Mop floors with disinfectants regularly.

  • Wipe surfaces with sanitizer daily.

  • Spray a vinegar solution into the corners of the kitchen cabinets once a week.

  • Regularly clean your kitchen cabinets. This will discourage pests, and you will know if they are breeding there.

  • Neem or camphor sprays work well too and are safe for you and your family.

  • Calling in the professionals at least once a year is advised. Pest control experts know exactly where the bugs breed and how to get at them.

  • Keep the surrounding areas of your home clean. If it’s an apartment house, see that the society discourages garbage mounds to contain rat infestations.

Summing Up

Living with bugs can be challenging at best. But once you have a handle on the situation, you can have a pest-free home. However, to live this life, you have to maintain hygiene and be on your toes so that the pests don’t strike again. For more kitchen and cleaning hacks, check out our blogs on homebliss.in today.