Car Storage Blunders: 10 Items Pros Say To Remove ASAP!

Last updated on November 15th, 2023

Enjoying some fries and milkshakes is part of the fun on weekend outings. However, things get trickier when you have kids in the backseat. Empty cartons, used paper napkins, and other paraphernalia pile up on the seat and the floor mat, joining their pals from the last outing.

If this seems like a familiar scenario, it’s time you took a second look at the festering pile of garbage in the car. This list of must-avoid storage items in the car will put you back in the driver’s seat. Let’s check it out.

1. Tickets, Menus and Coupons

Yes, most of us have a pile of coupons in the glove compartment, next to the stash of menu cards and exciting offers. Most of them are probably past their due date. It is necessary to remove this pile. Start by ripping off the bandaid and getting a garbage bag! For the essentials, a ziplock bag will keep the clutter in check.

2. Cosmetics and Other Beauty Aids

With the pile of beauty products that find their way from the shelves to your dresser, it is no wonder that you don’t miss the stuff you left behind in the car. As for your emergency supplies, a pouch in the glove compartment will be perfect.

3. Plastic Water Bottles

We want to do right by the environment. But a clutter of empty water bottles isn’t going to do your car any good. So, get an empty garbage can and hang it on the door. When it is full, dispose of the bottles in one go.

4. Coin Clutter

We need a lot of change when driving. What’s more, whether it is at the petrol pump or the toll booth, searching for change when you are safely strapped in your seat belt is no picnic. A small money purse in the glove compartment makes better sense than the dashboard, don’t you think?

5. Outdoor Gear

We understand it can be exasperating to load the car every time you want to go hiking or have a picnic. But is it advisable to leave your clutter in the dicky where rat and bacteria infestation are guaranteed? Organize your stuff and place it in a closet instead.

6. Carry Bag Collection

You never know when you will need a carry bag. But hey, how many are too many? If you must have them, fold them neatly and put them in the largest carry bag to cut the clutter.

7. Muddy Shoes

We admit sneakers in the car are a practical solution. You can go for your jog or gyming after work, without having to stop over at home first. The result? Lots of sand and the stench of sweat and smelly socks. A gym bag for your socks and shoes is a better solution.

8. Laptops and Cell Phones

Leaving your laptop or cell phone in the car even for an hour while you shop can be hazardous. Apart from the harsh sunlight damaging the delicate mechanisms, your laptop can be a tempting bait for undesirable characters. So, carry it with you!

9. Half-eaten Chips and Biscuit Packets

Food is like a formal invitation to pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rats. But hey, if you like these companions, who are we to judge? The other option is a garbage bag on the door handle for the debris. Replace it with a fresh one after the trip.

10. Emergency Supplies

Are you going overboard with your emergency gear? Too many tools, torches, blankets, and petrol reserves can be cumbersome and even hazardous as these tools will prove to be your worst enemies when there is an accident. So, go easy and pack what you have in cartons or baskets.

Summing Up

Organizing your stuff makes life a lot simpler. Getting into the habit can take a while, but once you have nailed it, life can be a joy. For tips on organizing and de-cluttering, you know where to look. So hurry and check out today.