Decoding Your Mess: Which Of These 4 Clutter Personalities Defines You?

Last updated on September 15th, 2023

Most of us are clutter magnets. Stuff seems to build up around us. And to think you just de-cluttered! So, what is it that makes you hold on to things? And why does the pile of stuff keep increasing? To find the answers to these tricky questions, you need to dig deep and find out which clutter bug personality trait you have.

We have four basic groups of clutter personalities to make it easy to zero in on your personality. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

1. Sentimental clutter bug

It’s hard to part with stuff like old diaries, letters, photos, or even scraps of paper when they remind you of lost love or treasured moments. Letting go of these reminders is like letting go of a part of your past. Chances are, you rarely give these items a second glance, but still feel the need to hold on to them. If you have a lot of old stuff given by loved ones that you don’t want to throw away, you are probably a sentimental clutter bug.

Memories are precious. A great way to have your cake and eat it too is to make a scrapbook and paste photos and bits of these items with notes underneath to remind you of the great times you had.

2. Collector clutter bug

Collections can get out of hand when you have more of the stuff than you know what to do with. It can be cookery books or collectibles such as beanie toys, McDonald’s plastic toys, or ducks in every shape or size.

It is easy to go overboard when you are on a collecting spree and it’s difficult to dispose of the stuff that has taken you years to accumulate. You may want to take a step back and ask yourself why you need to keep adding to your collection or if you can keep a few and let go of the rest.

3. ‘It will come in handy’ clutter bug

Do you often hear yourself say, ‘It will come in handy one day’ for stuff you don’t want to throw away? This can include clothes, electronics, tools, or even toys. Chances are, you are never going to find use for most of this stuff, and hanging on to it makes little sense. The trick is to rip off the bandaid in one go. You will be surprised at how relieved you feel when the burden of stuff isn’t there anymore.

4. ‘Can’t resist a bargain’ clutter bug

We all love a good bargain. However, things can get out of hand when you buy stuff that you don’t need just because they are cheap. When you look at the stuff you have accumulated at discount sales and never used, the guilt of waste eats away at you, making it difficult to throw the stuff away.

For starters, try to avoid buying stuff just because it is so cheap. Secondly, admit you made a mistake and give away things to people who can use them, especially food items before the expiry date. This will reduce the feeling of guilt as the stuff didn’t go to waste.

Which clutter bug category do you fall under?

Once you have identified which category defines you the best, it is easy to find a solution:

  • Ask yourself if the item you have is worth holding on to or if it is time to let it go.

  • Have you used the item in the last two years? Are you going to use it anytime soon? If the answer is no, dump it.

  • Resist the temptation to shop for cheap stuff that you don’t need.

  • Keep a few select items and toss the rest of your collectibles.

Summing up

Life without clutter is like a breath of fresh air. And while the stuff you have hoarded could mean a lot to you, you will feel a sense of relief when you let it go. For tips on cleaning and de-cluttering, check out our website While you are here, do look at our other inspiring home decor hacks as well!