Reluctant To Declutter? Here Are 7 Good Reasons To Start

Last updated on March 14th, 2022

If you are like the rest of us, you have been accumulating clutter in your home on a regular basis and live with a sizeable amount of it around you. And like most things in life that take time, effort and aren’t really a pressing concern, somehow de-cluttering has also ended up taking a back seat.

But it might be more important than you like to think it is. And if you are inclined to think it isn’t a priority right now, here are 7 excellent reasons to make it one!

1. It’ll free up physical and mental space

Imagine having to work from home, when there are piles of clutter around your work area. Not exactly a pleasant thought, is it?

A clutter-free home frees up a lot of wasted space and makes your home appear more spacious. Curiously enough, this also frees up space in your brain. When you see clutter around you, you may feel pressured to clean it up and feel guilty when you don’t. Also, the clutter sends too many visual cues to the brain that prompt thoughts of old memories, guilt, anxiety, or stress. So, say no to clutter. And do it ASAP!

2. It’ll make cleaning a lot easier

The reason we spend so much time cleaning is because of the clutter we keep ourselves surrounded with. And the lesser the clutter, the lesser the cleaning we will need to do. Also, reduced clutter gives fewer hiding places for dust and mites to settle into. And the result? Not just an easier time cleaning, but cleaner air around you, that gives you freedom from dust and the allergies it brings!

3. It can help you make some money

A wise person once said, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. And they couldn’t have been righter! When you figure out the stuff in your home you no longer need, you can either donate it in exchange for that warm fuzzy feeling deep in your heart or put it out in the big market out there for pre-loved goods. The choice is yours!

4. It’ll help you understand your décor style

We all evolve over time. And so do our tastes in décor and fashion. Decluttering helps you find who you’ve become, and helps you understand what you no longer like or need. This gives you clarity on what your current tastes are. And once you understand that, you will naturally not want to buy anything you aren’t going to use or like. See how beautifully it all falls in place?

5. It’ll help you appreciate what you have

When you’ve decided to keep around you only things that you will use and love, you’ll also end up appreciating everything that you have, a lot more. With the newfound clarity you have, you’ll also stop wanting to be on the lookout for better things. Which in turn will give you time to spend on other soul-satisfying things like making time for folks you love and investing in self-care. Now, is that a win-win or what?

6. It’ll help you save

Clutter attracts clutter. When you don’t know what you have in your pantry or refrigerator, for instance, you buy more stuff that ends up getting stashed right alongside the clutter which is already there. See the vicious cycle here?

By decluttering, you’ll save tons of money that you would have otherwise spent on things you don’t need. As a result, you’ll also spend less on storage bins and storage units around the house. You also end up spending less on food as you’ll be on top of what’s residing in your pantry and refrigerator. Not to mention, eliminate food waste altogether!

7. It’ll give you freedom

Clutter holds you back. Don’t believe it? Try thinking of moving houses with all that stuff lurking inside all those shelves, cupboards, and drawers. And let’s admit it. Even you have lost track of the stuff you’ve been holding onto over the years.

Can you imagine how easy your life will become in a light and clutter-free home? Not only will redecorating or deep-cleaning spaces become easier, but even entertaining guests will become a cinch in a home that stays clutter-free. Let go of clutter. Make way for freedom!