Life Hacks: 7 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life!

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Monkey see – monkey do. There’s a lot of truth behind this age-old saying. There are many things that we do just because we have seen a lot of others doing them that way without really thinking about why we are doing them. Well, prepare to get some of your habits challenged, as we share with you a few common things most of us have been doing the wrong way! Curious? Read on!

1. Don’t discard your razor when it gets dull. Just rub it against a heap of your old garments, and find it becoming razor-sharp again. (pun intended!).

2. Your extremely cold drink giving you a brain freeze? Try holding the beer bottle by the neck! Holding the neck of the bottle warms the drink faster.

3. You think there’s no way you can control an elevator when someone outside presses the button on their floor. Try this the next time you’re running late for office. Hold down the button of the floor you wish to go to, and you’ll arrive on your floor without the lift stopping for any other person. Not a great thing to do regularly, but it’s alright to try it in case of emergencies.

4. You don’t have to wait for your phone battery to discharge completely before plugging it in for charging. It’s a myth that batteries need to be drained of charge fully before they can be recharged.

5. Do you like shampooing your hair often for that squeaky-clean feeling? Using a shampoo more than once a week on your hair dries it up prompting your scalp to release more oils leaving your hair oily and limp. Also, hair that dries out often because of shampoos ends up with more than normal breakage and hair-fall.

6. You’ve been doing it for years and probably have seen your parents do it as well. But it’s a really bad idea to clean your ears with cotton swabs. These harmless looking things, can be very unsafe when you decide to put them inside your ears. You don’t just risk puncturing your eardrums, but doctors also warn against removing wax from your ear canals using these disasters waiting to happen. So, if you don’t want any adverse outcomes, steer clear of cotton swabs.

7. What do you do to cool your drinks? Stick them in the refrigerator? Next time, try wrapping a paper napkin around them, and see them cooling up faster!

Keep watching this space for clever, useful, and interesting life hacks, among scores of other things!