5 Annoying Things About Open Shelving You Wish You Had Known Before!

Last updated on November 6th, 2022

We’ve all seen those beautiful photos with perfectly styled open shelving, but what they don’t show you is the downside of this trend. It is true that open shelving can uplift the design aspect of any room in your house and looks aesthetically pleasing, but it demands extensive time and management.

If you are thinking of getting open shelving, it’s essential to take annoyance into account. From constantly having to dust to being limited in what you can store, here are five annoying things about open shelving.

Not Enough Storage

Open shelving can be problematic because of the storage space. This can be an issue if you have a lot of dishes or other items you need to store. Due to the lack of storage, you will have to spend a lot of time organizing the shelves. It can be tedious to fit all your things on the shelves, eventually creating a mess. If you are considering using open shelving in your kitchen, you may want to weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding. You will have to prioritize the utensils needed for cooking and place them on the shelves accordingly. Now that the shelves are only decorated with pots and pans, it might take away the aesthetic aspect of open shelving.

It’s Hard to Keep Things Clean

One of the most annoying things about open shelving is that it’s hard to keep things clean. Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate on items stored on open shelves. This can make it daunting to keep your kitchen or pantry looking neat. Another challenge with open shelving is finding what you’re looking for amid many items. When everything is out in the open, it can be tough to keep track of where everything is. This can lead to frustration when trying to find a particular item.

It’s Easy to Knock Things Over

If you have an open shelf, it’s easy to knock things over. When cooking, it’s easy to accidentally bump into things and knock them off the shelves. This can be incredibly frustrating if you’re trying to cook something delicate, like a soufflé. Organizing all your kitchen essentials is going to be a time-consuming task. If you have many small items, they can easily get lost on the shelves. And if you have more oversized items, they can take up a lot of space and make the brackets look cluttered.

Too Many Dishes

Open shelving can make it challenging to find the dish you want. When all the items are stored in one place, shelves get crowded, and it can be hard to keep them organized. This can lead to much wasted time when finding a suitable dish for a particular meal. Another issue with open shelving is that it can be challenging to keep the shelves clean. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the dishes, making them difficult to clean. This can also lead to bacteria on the plates, harming your health.

You Feel like You’re On Display

One of the biggest problems with open shelving is that you feel like you’re on display. Everyone can see what you have on your shelves, and it can be challenging to keep it tidy. Unorganized open shelving creates a negative impact on the visitor. It will be seen as a mess rather than a brilliant decorative display. As time changes, you will have to keep updating your open shelve based on the trends, which can be frustrating. Open shelving can be a pain if you like to make extra efforts to keep your things organized.


Open shelving makes your space look large and airy. But it’s essential to be aware of the potential downside before you install it in your home. While open shelving has benefits, there are also a few annoying things. Keeping the shelves clean, organized, and dust-free can be difficult. If you’re looking for a more low-maintenance storage option, closed cabinets may be a better choice. Open shelving can level up your interiors if you are a disciplined cleaner and like to spend time organizing. Apart from open shelving in the kitchen, various design trends make your kitchen stand out. Head over to Homebliss and discover articles that can upscale your interior game.