5 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Without Things Looking Like a Hurricane Hit!

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Organizing your bedroom is an art. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to learn this art throughout our lives. Experts say organizing is beyond just arranging your stuff. With spaces turning more compact with each passing year, organizing is now more about creating space.

You need to plan your furniture and accessories in a way that makes your room look bigger, cleaner, and fresher. So, if you do not know where to start from, we have got you covered. Here are some creative ideas that can fulfill your dream of maintaining a chic bedroom every day of the year.

1. Say Yes to a Multi-drawer Chest

Before anything else, get a multi-drawer chest to create space and add panache to your bedroom. It can be one of the best practical storage options for your room. You will thank us forever for this tip.
You can get a sleek, long chest that comes with small, square drawers. Or buy a bigger one with larger drawers. The diversity of designs and colors available in the market is astounding. Get one that can accommodate your stuff easily and works well with the decor of your bedroom.

2. Do not underestimate under-the-bed storage

Do you know that the space under your bed is an ideal storage area? Make optimum use of this area with storage containers, baskets, or cubbies. You can stash several non-essential items like bed linens, curtains, and even shoes in there.
Also, most beds come with an in-built storage feature these days. Else. you can DIY your own from recycled dresser drawers.

3. Declutter your closet

Just imagine your room is spotlessly clean and sparkling. But what happens when you open the closet and find it spiraling out of control? The view can instantly disrupt the serene and calm state of your space.
Decluttering your closet is one of the most daunting tasks in the world, we know. But unfortunately, it must be done. So, once you have identified different storage options in your room, it is time you declutter your wardrobe armoire. Sort your clothes according to your routine and occasions. Transparent baskets are a great way to keep them from mixing. Also, think of creating a ‘drop zone’ where you can drop your watches, earrings, and other accessories.

Last but not least, donate or recycle the things that you won’t need in the future to create some more space in your closet.

3. Do you have a place for dirty clothes?

Where do you keep your dirty clothes? If you’re picturing the floor or the chair in your bedroom, it is high time we do something about this huge clutter-magnet in your bedroom. Here are two great ideas for you:

Laundry baskets: The best way to tackle this issue is by using laundry baskets. Get a stylish laundry basket with a lid and keep it in your bedroom.

Ottoman stools: You can also go for an ottoman stool. Use the space inside it to store your laundry.

Interestingly, both options will act as a great decor item for your bedroom. Amazing, right?

4. Get smart with racks

There are many multipurpose metallic and wooden rack options that you can use in your bedroom. Experts believe that racks add a chic and elegant look to the space. Here are some tips for you:

You can use racks to hang your extra bed linens, quilts, and blankets. Use the side trays to keep your novels or flower pots.
There’s more to it: give an antique look by placing it in one corner of the room. Add some lighting to highlight the corner and, of course, your antique rack!

5. Now, our take

You see, the ideas to organize your bedroom are endless. All you need to do is identify the ones that can make your bedroom a better place to unwind. Pick the accessories that will make your bedroom look spacious and stylish. Lastly, go for neutral colors for your walls, linens, or furniture.

Try these tips this season and impress your friends with your impeccable sense of organization!

Happy decorating, folks!