Life Hacks To Conquer Your Daily Dilemmas

Last updated on October 10th, 2023

It’s the little things in life that drive you over the bend. Whether it is a mound of vegetables that need chopping, jar lids that are too tight or too loose, or a drawer that is stuck because it’s stuffed to the brim. We have all had these moments of frustration when all we want to do is tear our hair out and scream.

The troubling part is that they never seem to go away. But hey, no need to fret. While we can’t solve all your dilemmas, we have some interesting ideas to make life easier. Let’s check them out.

Make salad chopping a breeze!

Your dietician will tell you that you need at least five portions of fruits and vegetables a day for good health. Seems easy. However, the idea of chopping the carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce is too much work. The result? We trash the idea and carry on with our lives. So, what’s the solution?

A salad chopping bowl. Just run your knife through the slits and voila! Your chopping is done!

Touch-up markers for furniture

Tarnished furniture is an eyesore, especially with the festive season breathing down our necks. While getting your carpenter to give it a finish is one option, there is a quicker and cheaper remedy for your dilemma. So, what’s the solution?

Touch-up makers for furniture can handle tarnished polish and knicks on the edges. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the label and your job is done.

Silence your washing machine

Does your washing machine sound like it is preparing for takeoff? Well, your machine doesn’t have to perform a break dance routine every time you do your washing. Rubber suction cups under your washing machine will keep its antics in control. Peace at last!

Garlic chopping made easy

What would we do without garlic? It enhances the taste of most recipes with its pungency. Yes, we all love it. However, few of us love the idea of chopping these slippery devils. They are hard to keep in place and most times land on the floor the minute you start cutting. What’s your solution?

A garlic press roller will do your job in a matter of minutes. What’s more, it can handle fresh ginger too!

Opening your new jar can be a cinch!

Jar lids mean business. They are stubborn and can be unyielding, whether you cover them with a napkin or hold them tight between your thighs as you valiantly try to open them. These yoga contortions may be a thing of the past. What’s the solution?

A jar lid opener will tell your jam jar you mean business. Clamp it on the jar and twirl. If your jam jar could hide its face in embarrassment, it would!

Handy Swiss army knife

This handy tool can tackle any and every problem you face in your day-to-day life. Want to tighten a screw, the Swiss knife will do the job. Nails need clipping, your knife will help you. This must-have item has more functions than you give it credit for. Go buy one now!

Just tie it up

Grocery shopping is hard enough. Finding jars for all the kurmuras and grains is a tough proposition. So, what’s the solution?

Fancy bag ties keep the product fresh and save you heaps of trouble too!

Easy-peasy drain clean

Clogged drains are the norm in any household. Getting the muck out is a chore none of us are fond of. What to do?

Drain cleaning tools nip the problem in the bud. All you need to do is a bit of poking to keep the water flowing.

Our thoughts

Life can become a lot simpler when we have the right tools and ideas to deal with the problems. And face it, no one likes chores. If these tools make your life easier, why not? For more hacks on cleaning, check out our blogs on We have refreshing ideas to keep you hooked every day. Log in and find out more.