November Checklist: Kick Off Winter With These Smart Hacks!

Last updated on November 6th, 2019

With the holiday season soon approaching, there’s a lot to look forward to and prepare for in the month of November. Fix your house and its surroundings to get a jump start on winter, so that you can enjoy the little pleasures of this beautiful season, like organizing a family dinner, or just basking in the sunlight with a hot cup of chai. So, kick off the month of November with these smart home hacks.

1. Spruce up your garden

As winter is almost here, it is time to spruce up your garden. Trim the trees, rake the fallen leaves, and plant some seasonal flowers like Aster, Marigold, Tulip to embrace the upcoming season. And, as for the fallen leaves, think of turning them into organic compost, for future use.

2. Prepare for winter rituals

There’s no doubt that a bonfire blazing in a chilly winter evening is one of those seasonal rituals that we all look forward to! So, clear up your backyard and set up a spot for a bonfire at an outdoor party! Bonus point: To make your outdoor party even more fun, think of setting up a barbecue grill.

3. Embrace some healthy habits

The rapid temperature fall can trigger certain illnesses like allergies, cold and flu. Hence, you will be better off by embracing some healthy habits, ahead of the season. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, eat seasonal veggies and fruits, and exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and avoid any climatic illnesses. Also, don’t forget to dust and vacuum the everyday items that you often forget are dirty, like the keyboard, chairs, and upholstery pieces.

4. Take out your seasonal gear

Since winter is knocking on the doors already, it’s a good time to take out those warm outfits from the closet and lay them out under the sun to get rid of foul smells or dust. The UV rays of the sun will also help disinfect them. However, ensure that you don’t keep dark colored items under the sun for long, as it may damage the color of the material.

5. Check your doors and windows

Winter can be quite ruthless! So, don’t forget to check your doors and windows for any cracks or holes. Walk around the house to identify any cracks or gaps, and repair them immediately to stop the cold air from finding a way in.

6. Put out winter decor

Get your home ready for the season by adding beautiful winter accents. Add a rug in your bedroom, put on heavy curtains, colorful flowers, and some candles to keep the winter blues away. Also, don’t forget to add vibrant colors in the form of cushion covers and bed linens to bring home the winter vibes!