7 Genius Home Hacks You Must Try

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Let’s admit it. Chores are called chores for a reason. While it’s true that they can never really be fun, however, with a few simple tricks, they can definitely be made less frustrating.

Here are 7 of them, worth a read.

1. Cut Your Kitchen Sponge

Home Hacks You Must Try Cut Your Kitchen Sponge

Courtesy: apartmenttherapy

We are all guilty of this one! Using the kitchen sponge/scrubber, way longer than we should, when in fact, recent research suggests that we should replace it every week.
We aren’t asking you to throw it away. That would be a waste, wouldn’t it? Well, here’s a clever hack. Once you’ve decided to stop using a sponge on your dishes, just cut off one of its corners, for identification, and use it to clean dirtier things like your dustbin, for instance. And of course, remember to keep it well away from your new sponge/scrubber.

2. Make A Ball Out Of Foil

Home Hacks You Must Try Make A Ball Out Of Foil

Courtesy: thekitchn

Foil isn’t just meant to store and keep your food warm. The next time you finish entertaining and are stuck with a stack of dirty pots and pans waiting for you in your sink, just ball up some foil and put it to use, as an extremely efficient scrubber to knock all the stubborn stains and grease out, without breaking a sweat.

3. Make Cleaning Pleasant

Home Hacks You Must Try Make Cleaning Pleasant

Courtesy: trashisfortossers

When it comes to natural household cleaners, vinegar wins hands-down. But it does leave a far-from-pleasant odor behind. You can mask this smell by adding a few drops of citrus or eucalyptus oil to it and enjoy the pleasant aroma that surrounds you as you go about your cleaning.

4. Drill A Hole Without Making A Mess

Home Hacks You Must Try Drill A Hole Without Making A Mess

Courtesy: robinkramerwrites

The next time you are drilling a hole in the wall, just grab a sticky note, fold it in half and stick it right under the place where you’re going to be drilling the hole. It’ll catch all the plaster and cement coming out of the hole and make sure the floor underneath remains clean.

5. Put Your Dog’s Collar To Good Use

Home Hacks You Must Try Put Your Dog’s Collar To Good Use

Courtesy: recreoviral

Taking your dog out for a walk and don’t have a pocket to keep your keys in? Well, Fido’s collar was meant for occasions just like these. Just clip your keys onto it, and quit worrying about losing them!

6. DIY A Car Cellphone Holder

Home Hacks You Must Try DIY A Car Cellphone Holder

Courtesy: proositive.ru

Use a strong rubber band and loop it through the vents of your air-conditioner, the way you see in the picture above. Mount your cellphone on your nifty little cellphone holder, and keep your hands free for the steering wheel.

7. Take The Smell Out Of Your Trash Bin

Home Hacks You Must Try Take The Smell Out Of Your Trash Bin

Courtesy: wellgal

Well, yes, a trash can doesn’t contain anything pleasant. But that doesn’t have to mean that it has to smell unpleasant too, while it sits in your home. Here’s a tried and tested trick to keep it from smelling foul. Just soak a cotton ball in your favorite essential oil and drop it at the bottom of your trashcan, under the liner. And there you have it, your trash can and the area around it, smelling nice!

Here’s wishing you easy-breezy living, folks!