Weekend Project: Living Room Makeover In 4 Steps

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

You walk into your living room and it no longer gives you the joy it used to. Sound familiar?

Trust us, you aren’t alone. Whether it’s a trend you went for a few years ago that’s starting to look dated now, or the furnishings that once garnered compliments have now begun to look frayed around the edges. Whatever the reason, most of us, at some point or another tend to feel that our living room is ready to be given a décor makeover.

Here are a few simple upgrades you can give to your living room – a weekend project if you will, that’ll have you fall in love with it all over again!

1. Move your furniture around

This trick doesn’t involve adding anything new. By just rearranging the furniture in your living room, you can completely transform the way it looks and feels.

What’s worth keeping in mind though, is the visual weight of things. If you have a large couch on one side of the room, for instance, just make sure you balance it out with either a large item or a group of smaller items, on the other side.

2. Re-style your coffee table

Giving your coffee table a stylish upgrade can go a long way to changing the way your living room looks and feels. After all, the coffee table is the centerpiece of the living room!

And to be impactful, the setting doesn’t need to be elaborate. Just a thoughtfully put-together vignette that lends character to the space without seeking too much attention. If you’re looking for tips to style your coffee table, you can get some ideas, here

3. Give the walls some shelving

Give your living room walls some character and personality with some floating shelves. You can decide to stagger the shelves in any arrangement you prefer and there are tons of pocket-friendly options to choose from online. Show-case knick-knacks and décor that reflect your style sensibility, without wasting a single square foot of your precious floor space! Now, is that cool, or is that cool!

4. Breathe life!

Plants are a décor element that has the unique ability to work with any aesthetic and adding some greenery can truly add life to your interiors. Both literally, and figuratively so!

So, stop overlooking this design element and style your living room this weekend with some greens. Whether you arrange them artfully on a table (for that uber-chic minimalist look), hang them off macrame plant holders, or spread them around in abundance – the choice is yours!