Design Dossier: Design Your Living Room As Per Your Personality

Last updated on November 12th, 2021

So, who are you? Someone who likes their quiet time, getting their fill of Nabokov over weekends, or someone who’s the life of get-togethers they host often?

Let your home, especially your living room say who you are, and let you do what you love doing the most, in style!

Here are 6 different ways of letting your personality spill over into your living room décor.

Intrigued? Read on!

If you love hosting weekend parties

If you love trying the latest food and cocktail recipes off YouTube and having friends over on weekends to try them on, you need nesting side tables that can come in handy as flexible seating or to set food and drinks down on during a get-together.
Yet another piece of furniture investing in, in this case, would be a coffee table which can tuck stools beneath it, to be pulled out when you have company over. You can also invest in a bookshelf-cum-bar unit for these great times!

If you love storing (a.k.a hoarding!)

If you like things organized and like plenty of storage options to do that with, invest in an entertainment unit with plenty of storage. You can even get a sofa, side tables, ottomans, or a coffee table – all with storage built right into them to stow away living room knick-knacks, that would otherwise end up cluttering the space. Even floating wall shelves that hang from the ceiling or off walls can help you with storage without hogging precious floor space.

If you’re quite the book-lover

Use a well-lit corner of your living room to arrange a couple of comfy chairs and a side table and you have yourself a reading nook, right in your living room. You can also use a bookcase to cordon off this reading area further and give yourself all the privacy you need.

If you’re a conversationalist

If you are someone who has people dropping in for a quick coffee and some heart-to-heart often, set aside a small conversation nook in your living room. Wondering how?
A modular or sectional sofa lets you do just that. It helps you create multiple seating areas with the mere addition of a side table and maybe a chair.
Friends leaving? Just put it all back together and get ready to spend some quality family time!

If you like your privacy

If you’re someone who values their privacy, whether it’s yoga or your morning stretches or let’s say your kids want to use a separate space to play in the living area – use a room divider to carve out a little temporary nook! And no, you don’t have to use the same age-old Kashmiri carved screens, there are many contemporary options available if you look hard enough. (Online too)

If you host frequent stay-overs

If you’ve got a heart larger than your home, and have guests staying over despite the lack of a guest bedroom, think of investing in a couch that can double up as a bed at night. Yes, a sofa-bed, that looks stylish as hell in the day, and makes a comfy bed on nights when you have guests over!
Alternatively, if you don’t mind adding a diwan to your living room décor and if space allows it, it can be a great day-bed, and quite convenient when guests decide to stay the night.