10 Charming Ways To Embrace Vintage Home Decor

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

Although there’s a certain freshness in contemporary décor, the charm of an old-world vintage setting is unbeatable. If you’ve always found yourself drawn to grandfather clocks, antique furniture and all things with an air of history about them, then you are a lover of vintage style décor. And we have some great fodder for your old-world soul!

We present to you, 10 ways to bring the elegance of vintage-style décor to your interiors!

1. Old, Leather Suitcases

We all have those old suitcases, trunks, and boxes that hold a lot of memories, but we don’t use anymore. Use them as a decor element in your home for an authentic vintage feel, instead of stowing them away in a dusty corner of the house.

2. Antique Furniture

With all the latest trends, what we forget is the fact that even in the world of fashion, trends do come back! The old things that you might not think highly of, can be turned into a statement piece in your home. Think twice, before you give away any hand-me-down pieces of furniture. They can make for great vintage décor elements.

3. Driftwood

Use driftwood furniture in your home to give your home a vintage touch!

4. Vintage Mirrors

An ornate mirror with an antique finish can be a great way to add a vintage touch to your interiors.

5. A four-poster bed

Vintage decor is incomplete without a beautiful bed. If you have an ancestral four-poster bed, time to flaunt it!

6. Hard-bound books

Nothing like hard-bound books to bring in the old-world charm and elegance. Bring them out to air, and watch them transform your space.

7. A Grand Piano

If anyone in your house is good with the keyboard and is taking piano lessons, time to switch their high-tech keyboard with an elegant organ adorning your living room.

8. A Gramophone

If you happen to have a gramophone in the house, then this is the time to bring it out of the attic.

9. Hand-Painted Vases

Hand-painted vases look lovely and can be excellent additions when it comes to vintage decor.

10. Antique Telephones

Invest in a vintage telephone. It won’t just be a fun way to relive your childhood memories, but it’ll also add tons of old-world drama to your interiors.

Have fun decorating your home, peeps!