Decorate Your Entryway To Create A Lasting Impression

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

Whether your house is blessed with a spacious entryway, or you’re making do with a rather small corridor, there are stylish, space-saving ways to spruce it up and create a lasting first impression.

From adding large mirrors to simple rugs, here are 6 ways to transform a soul-less entryway into a chic and organized space you can be proud of!

1. Redefine your entryway with a rug

Whether you have a grand entryway or a tiny one, there is nothing that helps define an area as a rug can. Upgrade your mat with a stylish rug that lends a chic tone to the space. However, ensure that the size of the rug is in proportion to the area in question. For instance, a small rug in a large entryway will look minuscule and weak. Whereas, a large rug in a small entryway will be an over-kill.

2. Add a Console table

Decorate Your Entryway To Create A Lasting Impression - Add a console table

Each entryway needs a surface for your keys, spare change, or whatever else you take or drop off as you enter and leave your home. A console table is an excellent option if you have space. And if you don’t, use a floating shelf that can help you get what you want without your having to sacrifice floor space.

3. Include a mirror

Decorate Your Entryway To Create A Lasting Impression - Add a mirror

Most of us like to take one final look at ourselves before stepping out, so it’s a smart choice to include a mirror in the entryway. Opt for a full-length mirror if it bodes well with your space. Mirrors are also extraordinary design elements as they help open up a space and reflect light.

4. Use accent lighting

No entryway is complete without the right lighting. Consider swapping out the lighting in the entryway with a chic chandelier or pendant light. You can even think of adding a second light source in the space so that when you enter the house, you are greeted with soft light, rather than an overpowering harsh light hurling your eyes.

5. Add a work of art

The key to rocking an entryway is by showing off your personality. So, take a stab at adding unique artwork that is sure to make a great first impression on your guests.

6. Make it comfortable

An excellent way to make your visitors feel comfortable is to add comfortable seating in the entryway. Think of a chair or a bench for them to sit on while putting on or taking off shoes. You can even think of jazzing it up a bit, with throw cushions and plants.

Have fun decking out your entryway!