16 Kids’ Study Corner Ideas You’ve Got To See!

Last updated on March 18th, 2022

Kids are creators and explorers. So how about giving them a beautiful space of their own where they feel free to create their worlds and explore what growing up is all about?

Here’s a collection of kids’ study corners that are as free-spirited as your little (or not so little anymore!) one!

1.  Bright colors and separate spaces for study and time with friends. Your little one sure is growing up!

2. Make learning fun with a colorful classroom and a desk of his own, right in his room! Notice the height of the table and the chair. Looks like fun in capital letters!

3. This little tween’s room is sure to have her friends always waning to stay over for longer!

4. Green outside and green inside, this study corner with the view looks oh-so-amazing!

5. Every child dreams of becoming his favorite animal at some point, so why not let him live his dream for a while?

6. Siblings who study together, learn together! A perfect unisex set-up for kids of similar ages sharing a space.

7. Girly and fun, this room surely belongs to a rebellious teen who’s fast growing out of her childish interests!

8. Studying is always fun when friends are around to do it with! A perfect study for kids who are kids no longer!

9. A cozy space for a teenager looking for privacy and expression!

10. A space for study and a space for fun, and a space to turn in after the day-long run!

11. Baby pink no more! Use deeper shades of pink as your princess grows up, but is still your little baby!

12. It’s so easy to make a space come alive with colors. Play with them!

13. Not even the sky is the limit when designing a kid’s study!

14. The only rule to follow, when designing a kid’s study is – that there are no rules! Use colors and imagination just the way your child does!

15. Simple, understated, and yet cheerful! A perfect study area for a child learning the ropes of growing up.

16. Make your child’s imagination come alive with pictures and murals in his space.

Have fun designing your kids’ room, folks!