9 Clever Corner Seating Ideas

Last updated on July 4th, 2022

Is there an empty corner in your home that keeps drawing your attention to it because it seems like a space that is empty and can be put to some good use? And you aren’t sure what to do with the space or how to go about filling it? Perhaps it’s a corner with strange angles where most furniture wouldn’t fit or space below a window that you don’t want to obstruct the light filtering in from. These nooks and corners of unused space can be transformed into beautiful spaces with just a little bit of creativity and attention.

Let’s look at a few clever ways to breathe life into these empty and dull-looking spaces and transform them into your favorite retreats that you’ll find excuses to keep going back to.

1. A breakfast nook in the corner

If you happen to have a large kitchen, you can create a cozy breakfast nook which can be an ideal place for casual conversations and for friends to gather around for a cup of coffee.

2. Corner seating in the living room

You can use the corner space in your living room for extended seating space, great for times when you have too many guests. You can decorate this space to match the décor of the rest of the living area.

3. Corner window seating

If you have a window in a corner, with a view, why not convert it into a great seating spot to enjoy the view of the great outdoors?

4. A quiet reading corner

If you are a bibliophile and have a pretty window, you can convert the space into a cozy reading spot by installing a sitting area next to it. What better place to curl up in, with your favorite book?

5. Staircase landing

In every household, if there’s one space that is underutilized the most, it’s got to be the staircase landing. With just a little bit of ingenuity, you can give this space a new lease on life by carving out an intimate spot to spend time in with a good book or to catch some much-needed shut-eye!

6. Seating under the stairs

If you have space under your stairs and if all it does is collect dust, with a little effort, you can convert that useless space into a tiny nook to just sit back and relax in solitude. Don’t forget to put your cell phone aside!

7. Floor seating in the corner

Give your home an informal, cozy touch with floor cushions and embellished throw pillows, and you have yourself additional seating for the frequent casual dinner parties that you host.

8. A corner seat with cabinets

Give your cabinets some breathing space by designing a nifty seating area over all that storage space. Even better if it’s by a window!

9. A corner sofa

If you aren’t thrilled by the idea of fixed corner seating, a corner sofa is ideal as it will allow you the flexibility of rearranging the room as per any future design changes that you may want to make.

Happy decorating, everyone!